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Who is Adam Montgomery?(Dad of Missing 7-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery Admitted ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Adam Montgomery

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Who is Adam Montgomery ?

When Harmony Montgomery’s father, a 7-year-old girl who was reported missing two years after she was last seen in New Hampshire, was arrested Tuesday, she shed light on her disturbing history of alleged violence that included shooting a man. Headshot man during a drug deal gone wrong.

Adam Montgomery, 31, was arrested Tuesday night on a series of charges, including a felony second-degree assault in connection with the 2019 conduct against his daughter, Harmony, the New York Attorney General’s Office said. Hampshire. Prosecutors have also charged Montgomery with one misdemeanor count of interference with custody and two misdemeanors of endangering the well-being of a child belonging to Harmony.

Arrested and Charged

An arrest affidavit obtained by The Daily Beast describes a variety of horrific allegations against Montgomery, including that he admitted to his uncle, Kevin, that he gave Harmony a black eye in July 2019, just months after the services of child protection granted custody.

“I hit her at the house,” Montgomery allegedly told Kevin Montgomery, after saying he left Harmony “in charge of looking after her little brother of hers while Adam was in the bathroom.”

Prosecutors allege the abuse was punishment after Harmony’s younger brother “started crying” and Harmony was found “holding her hand over the boy’s mouth to keep her from crying.”

Kevin Montgomery previously described witnessing the aftermath of the abuse, including a black eye, in The Daily Beast. That abuse, he told investigators, included Harmony being spanked “hard on the butt,” forced to “stand in the corner for hours” and being ordered to “scrub the toilet with her toothbrush.”

Montgomery’s arraignment was suspended

On Wednesday, Montgomery’s arraignment was suspended after his bond was settled out of court. In a bail order obtained by The Daily Beast, a judge ordered that he have no contact with Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey, or his current wife, Kayla Montgomery. While the bail order does not indicate whether she had hired an attorney, he noted that “she reserves the right to request a bail hearing at a later date.”

Despite the interruption of the investigation, it was not clear if any of the charges were directly related to the disappearance of the minor. Police have said Harmony, then 5 years old, was last seen in a Manchester home after officers responded to a call for service in October 2019.

But the arrest affidavit provides new details about the weeks leading up to the recently launched investigation into Harmony’s whereabouts. Prosecutors allege that on November 18, Manchester police received a call from Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey, reporting that her daughter “was missing and that she had not seen her in over six months.”

The call prompted a police employee to contact the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF). The agency was unable to locate Adam Montgomery.


Montgomery’s wife, Kayla, also spoke with investigators on New Year’s Eve. During that conversation, she points to the affidavit, she said that the last time she physically saw Harmony was in November or December 2019 before heading to work. At the time, Montgomery allegedly told his wife that he was “driving [Harmony] back to Crystal,” who lived in Massachusetts.

“Kayla claimed that she never saw or heard about [Harmony] after that day,” the affidavit reads, noting that she said she had not seen her husband since October 2021. “Kayla admitted that she had seen [Harmony] with a black eye in the past; however, she explained that Adam told her it was caused by one of her other children hitting [Harmony] with a toy. ”

Attempts to contact Crystal Sorey and Kayla Montgomery for this story on Wednesday were unsuccessful.

Kevin Montgomery, the great-uncle, previously told The Daily Beast that he last saw the boy in October 2019, after a situation in the home that he once shared with various family members, including the boy and his parents.

During the altercation between family members, Montgomery said, Harmony “looked like a scared puppy.” Harmony “was quiet, she didn’t say much,” added her great-uncle.

When contacted early Wednesday to comment on the arrest of his nephew Adam Montgomery, Kevin Montgomery requested that the charges be read aloud, stating that he “just heard the news right now” and that the suspect’s father, who made no comment, was in the room with him.

“My only concern is Harmony, and from now on this is the only thing I want to comment on. We just want the courts to do their thing and we are focused on Harmony, ”said Kevin Montgomery.


On December 31, 2021, authorities issued a “missing girl” alert after learning of her one-year disappearance and launched an investigation to find the girl, who may be wearing glasses and is blind in her right eye. The affidavit states that on the same day, authorities found Montgomery and a new girlfriend.

Authorities say that during a roadside conversation, Montgomery “made conflicting statements,” including that Harmony “was fine and had seen her somewhere recently” before later admitting that he had not seen his daughter since. November 2019, when his mother “came”. to pick her up. “Ultimately, the affidavit says, Montgomery” stopped answering questions “and didn’t” show much emotion or reaction “to hearing that her daughter hadn’t been seen physically in two years.

“If I’m not under arrest, I’m leaving,” Montgomery said during the Dec. 31 conversation, according to the affidavit.

Court documents and local news reports show this is not the first time Montgomery has gotten into legal trouble.


In 2014, he was arrested after allegedly shooting a Haverhill, Massachusetts man in the head during a drug deal. Police said he also suffered a gunshot wound to his arm. In a hospital interview with police, according to documents obtained by WHDH, Montgomery said the shooting occurred during a fight after the man he was supposed to buy heroin from tried to rob him.

A spokesperson for the Essex District Attorney’s Office told The Daily Beast that in September 2014, Montgomery pleaded guilty to several crimes, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and carrying an unlicensed firearm, in connection with with the incident. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Harmony Montgomery was born a few months after the shooting.

Last summer, Montgomery also received a complaint for a restraining order from his mother-in-law, Christina Lubin. The complaint, obtained by The Daily Beast, claims that on July 2, 2021, Montgomery was seen “crossing the street from one side to the other” from his home in Manchester. After calling police, Lubin said, her partner spoke to a neighbor outside who said Montgomery had been “banging on the windows” in front of her home.

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