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Who is Alexander Eldridge?(Reception class teacher, now 37, is cleared of abusing four-year-old girl after being jailed ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Alexander Eldridge

Alexander Eldridge Wiki

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Who is Alexander Eldridge ?

A reception class teacher convicted in 2018 of s*xually assaulting two girls was acquitted yesterday of abusing a third boy.

Alexander Eldridge, now 37, is alleged to have touched the four-year-old at a school in East Hertfordshire in 2017.

Eldridge, who now lives in Street, Somerset, denied four charges of s*xual assault of a child under the age of 13 between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 and was acquitted in St Albans Crown Court.

The jury heard that he denied touching that girl and that he maintains that he was wrongly convicted in 2018 of crimes against the other two children.

How old is Alexander Eldridge ?

He is 37 year old.

Eldridge texted parents to tell them that the next day

Prosecutor Michael Williams said Eldridge

Prosecutor Michael Williams said Eldridge was the receiving class teacher from 2011 until his suspension in 2017, when the first complaint was filed.

The girl in this week’s case didn’t say anything until December 2020, three years later, when she told her mother, who called the police.

When asked, Eldridge denied ever touching the girl.

He was jailed for four years in 2018 for abusing two young men.

In May 2017, Eldridge texted parents to tell them that the next day there would be a break from lessons and instead they would have a “water day.”

The children were told to bring clothes to get wet, as well as a towel.

The headmaster of the school in East Hertfordshire had agreed, believing that the water day would serve some educational purpose in relation to the maths curriculum.

The children changed and went out to play in a paddling pool, on a slide, with buckets and a bubble machine.

When the session ended, Eldridge returned to her classroom, where there were no other staff members, and helped a five-year-old girl change.

Alone with the young woman, he s*xually assaulted her.


Alexander Eldridge also secretly filmed another young woman’s skirt while she was sitting on her lap.

Passing sentence at St Albans Crown Court, Judge Stephen Warner told the 33-year-old: “These offenses involved a serious breach of trust.”

‘As a primary school teacher for these children, their parents entrusted them to your custody.’

The judge added: “It is quite clear that he had an inappropriate s*xual interest in girls of this age and older girls, teenagers.”

Fast Quick and Facts

  • Alexander Eldridge, 37, had already been jailed for s*x abuse on two children
  • New charge had seen him accused of touching a four-year-old girl at school
  • He denied it and was  cleared at St Albans Crown Court on Thursday

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