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Who is Ali Bradley?(Grandfather of Texas school shooter reveals his blood-soaked home and how bullet the maniac shot his wife) Wiki,Bio,Age,Instagram,twitter& Quick Facts

Ali Bradley

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Who is Ali Bradley?

Independent journalist Ali Bradley shared the footage from inside the house in Uvalde, where 18-year-old Ramos began his deadly shooting spree on Tuesday by wounding his 66-year-old grandmother Celia Gonzalez.


There is blood everywhere,’ said Rolando Reyes, the shooter’s grandfather, as he pointed to an interior door frame. Here was a pool of blood.

After shooting his grandmother, who called 911, the gunman fled in his truck to nearby Robb Elementary, where he barricaded himself in a classroom and killed 19 children and two teachers before he was shot dead by police. .

Tuesday’s violence began when Ramos shot and seriously injured his grandmother at his home  in Uvalde. The grandmother survived and Ramos drove the short distance to Robb Elementary and opened fire.

Ramos was shot dead after his shooting spree left 19 children and two teachers dead, as well as his grandmother Celia González who was fighting for his life after he shot her in the face .


Texas officials launch investigation into Uvalde police..

Reyes said the bullet fired by his grandson entered the side of his wife’s cheek and exited below her ear, but he is expected to survive.

The grandmother was reportedly awake and communicating with the family through writing on Wednesday.

Text messages the gunman sent on Tuesday suggested he became angry with his grandmother in a dispute over her phone bill.

Ramos had reportedly been living with his grandparents for a few months, after moving from his mother’s house across town due to instability at home.The shooter’s mother, Adriana Reyes, told on Wednesday that she was “shocked” her son opened fire in a horrific killing spree.


She admitted her son was a loner who ‘kept himself and didn’t have many friends’ but shot down reports she had a toxic relationship with him.

Adriana Reyes did not address claims that her son de ella had left her home to stay with her parents de ella due to her struggles with drug addiction.

A week before the attack, the teen gunman had bought two AR-15 assault rifles and bragged about them on social media.But grandfather Rolando Reyes revealed the family had no idea he legally purchased the two weapons, spending about $4,000 that he saved up from a job at Wendy’s

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