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Who is Amrit Magar?(Married stalker, 35, caught on chilling doorbell cam footage leaving notes at Emma Raducanu ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Amrit Magar

Amrit Magar Wiki

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Who is Amrit Magar ?

A stalker who walked 23 miles to the home of British tennis player Emma Raducanu before being caught on doorbell camera stealing his father’s shoe as a souvenir has been saved from jail.

Married man Amrit Magar, 35, has been given a five-year restraining order after he harassed the 19-year-old US Open champion between November 1 and December 4 last year following a court trial. of Bromley Magistrates.

The court heard that he went to the world number 12’s house on three separate dates, loitered outside, left unwanted gifts and cards and stole belongings from the porch.

The actions of former Amazon delivery driver Magar made the British tennis superstar feel unsafe in her own home, with Raducanu telling the court that he was “constantly looking over his shoulder” after the terrible experience.


He was arrested after the father of British number one Ian was alerted that someone was at the front door by a doorbell camera, before discovering that his trainer had been carried off the porch.

On Wednesday, District Judge Sushil Kumar handed Magar, from Harrow, northeast London, a five-year restraining order and sentenced him to an 18-month community order, including 200 hours of unpaid work and a touch of eight weeks left between 9 p.m. 6 am monitored by an electronic tag.

Mr. Magar, 35, traveled to the London suburb where Ms. Raducanu lives with her parents and asked strangers how to get to her house.

On one occasion, he left a bouquet of flowers with a note saying ‘nothing to say but you deserve love’, while on another he drew a map to show the ’23 miles’ he had walked from his house.

Later on December 4, Magar decorated a tree in Miss Raducanu’s front garden with Christmas lights and then stole a slipper from the porch, thinking it belonged to the sports star.

But it belonged to his father, Ian, who recognized Magar from the doorbell camera footage as someone who had previously visited the property and followed him in his car as he reported it to police.

When he was arrested, Magar was found with the shoe in his bag and informed officers that he “wanted a souvenir.”

Sentencing Magar, who appeared on the bench wearing maroon pants and a dark hooded coat, Kumar on Wednesday said he had caused “some distress and damage.”

“There was a certain degree of planning, especially with the fact that he walked 23 miles to attend Ms. Raducanu’s address,” he said.

“Listening to the personal statements of the victim from Ms. Raducanu and her family, it is very evident that lifestyle changes have been contemplated and are currently underway, including the acquisition of security, potentially, and also the moving”.

The court heard that the first time he married Magar, whose wife is a nurse, went to the area and asked neighbors for Raducanu’s exact address.

Seval Dunn, defending himself, said: ‘He strikes me as a man of good manners.

He has assured me that nothing of this nature will ever happen again. He assured me that he did not want Miss Raducanu to suffer as she describes suffering.

In a statement read in court last month, Ms Raducanu said she was worried about going out on her own.

Speaking to officials by phone last month while she was in Melbourne preparing for the Australian Open, the Grand Slam winner said: ‘Ever since all this happened, I’ve felt scared. I feel very apprehensive if I go out, especially if I am alone.

“That’s why I feel like my freedom has been taken away. I am constantly looking over my shoulder. I feel nervous and worried that this might happen again. I don’t feel safe in my own home, which is where I should feel safest.’


Miss Raducanu, who said she was worried “about the public’s stress knowing I had a stalker,” added: “I want to move to a new house with better security because I’m worried he might come back because he knows where my house is.” is.’

The court heard that Magar first visited the Raducanu family home in south-east London on November 23.

When he arrived at the door with a bouquet of flowers and a note, Ms. Raducanu’s parents confronted him, but said that he was a delivery man leaving gifts for someone else.

The note read ‘nothing to say but you deserve love’ and was signed by Magar, who also added the names of his wife Bina and his dog Logan.

On the second occasion, on December 2, he sent a red envelope through the mailbox containing a hand-drawn “map” showing the distance he had walked from his home in Edgware to Miss Raducanu’s address. . One note read: ’23 miles walked 4 you’.

Two days later, Magar visited the property again armed with colored lights.

After decorating a tree in the front yard, he put the remaining lights and spare batteries in the mailbox before noticing the porch door was open. He then he stole one of Mr. Raducanu’s sneakers.

In a statement, Mr Raducanu said: “I received a notification on my phone from the Nest doorbell. He said someone was in front of the house.

“I went out and I could see a man standing on the pavement. He started to run away.

Mr. Raducanu then followed Magar to a nearby bus stop where he called the police.

Amrit Magar Quick and Facts

  • Married Amrit Magar, 35, travelled to London suburb where Miss Raducanu lives 
  • He ‘walked 23 miles’ and left the tennis star a map of the route on one occasion 
  • Ex-Amazon driver was arrested after her father, Ian, was alerted by doorbell cam 
  • Magar was handed a five-year restraining order and 18-month community order 

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