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Who is Asa Davison?(Jealous boyfriend, 35, who killed his girlfriend’s unborn baby after punching her in the stomach ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Asa Davison

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Who is Asa Davison ?

A jealous boyfriend who killed his pregnant partner’s unborn baby because it bothered him that it was fathered by another man was jailed for life today.

Asa Davison, from Gillingham, Dorset, attacked victim Isabelle Irish when she was 29 weeks pregnant to destroy the child.

The 35-year-old woman, who has a history of domestic violence, deliberately kicked and hit Miss Irish in the stomach and dragged her down the road.

She was found crouched in the backyard of a home by the owner who called the police.

Miss Irish was taken to the hospital and a scan did not detect a fetal heartbeat. She had to give birth to her stillborn baby, who had been perfectly healthy in her 20-week scan.


Davison was found guilty of the lesser known crime of destroying children under the Child Life Preservation Act (1929) following a trial in Bournemouth Crown Court.

Today, a judge called Davison “very dangerous” for women, as he imprisoned him for life, with a minimum sentence of 12 years before he can be considered for parole.

Judge Johannah Cutts said

Judge Johannah Cutts said: “Throughout the trial, she held that she only helped Miss Irish, but I rejected that evidence entirely.

You, we are not a knight on a white steed. You were a controlling man quick to anger and violence.

I do not hesitate to find it dangerous. He not only set out to cause his pregnant girlfriend really serious bodily injury, but also kill her unborn child.

‘Having previously expressed her anger at Mrs Irish’s pregnancy, she struck him with such force to the abdomen that she caused the placenta to rupture when she was seven months pregnant.

As a partner she had the right to receive love and support, but you caused her injuries, physical pain and forced her to give birth to a stillborn child.

Her previous convictions show a propensity for domestic assault.

“In my opinion, you represent a very high level of danger to those with whom you have a relationship.”


Davison, a chef, saw the process via video link, but left in protest as the judge sentenced him.

The court heard that Miss Irish was already pregnant when she began a relationship with Davison in early 2020.

Although she told him they could still be a couple after their baby was born, the resentment inside her faded.

Subsequently, the police recovered recordings on her phone of Miss Irish. In one, she said that she ‘broke his heart’ that the baby was not hers.

She also said, ‘I don’t give a fuck about your baby.’

Her resentment turned to violence on May 29, 2020, when she followed her partner on her bike down a side street.

A witness saw him treat the woman “like a dog on a leash” before kicking her in the belly.

Another heard a sound like ‘someone dragging a compost bag’ up the street.

Sarah Jones, accuser, said: “The person responsible for the untimely death of Miss Irish’s son was the man who had previously spoken of her resentment at feeding and raising another man’s child.

“ That man kicked her, hit her and dragged her down a path and she ran away from him while he was looking for her. ”

Despite the ordeal, Ms. Irish stayed with Davison. Then in September 2020, she attacked her again.

Davison was convicted of four counts, including actual bodily injury, intentional gross bodily injury, and intentionally perverting the course of justice.

Davison, representing himself, maintained his innocence and claimed that he was a “peaceful and spiritual person”.

He today he told the court: ‘The fundamental fact is that I did not commit the crime.

“I have never intended to hurt a woman. I am a fairly calm person in my health and spiritual development. ‘

The court heard that Davison was licensed for assaulting another former partner when he committed the assault that killed Ms. Irish’s fetus in May 2020.

Kate Lewis, Crown Prosecutor for CPS Wessex, said: “From the beginning of this heartbreaking case, CPS worked closely with law enforcement to ensure there was a strong prosecution case.

CCTV, medical professionals and mobile phone data

‘Evidence from witnesses, CCTV, medical professionals and mobile phone data meant that we were able to prove that Davison set out to attack her partner and cause the death of his son.

Davison is a serial domestic abuser, whose violence caused the tragic death of an unborn baby.

“It is absolutely devastating to learn that a baby, who is still completely dependent on his mother, was killed by such a violent attacker.

“We are committed to protecting the most vulnerable people in our society by ensuring that violent perpetrators are brought to justice.”

Asa Davison Quick and Facts

  • Asa Davison attacked girlfriend Isabelle Irish while she was 29 weeks pregnant
  • He deliberately kicked and punched her in the stomach to destroy her child 
  • Miss Irish was later taken to hospital and a scan detected no fetal heartbeat
  • Davison was found guilty of the lesser-known offence of child destruction under the Infant Life Preservation Act (1929) and jailed for life  

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