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Who is Ava Majury?(Florida judge tosses 15-year-old TikTok star Ava Majury’s stalking case against classmate who was in contact ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Videos, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Ava Majury

Ava Majury Wiki

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Who is Ava Majury ?

A teenage TikTok star whose father shot and killed an 18-year-old stalker when he showed up at the family’s Florida home armed with a shotgun has had a stalking case brought against another boy out of court.

Ava Majury, 15, appeared in a Naples court Monday for a hearing in her bullying case against her classmate, whose age and name were not released.

She claimed the boy had been following her around school and communicating with the 18-year-old stalker.

The boy insisted that he was trying to help her and warn her about the other obsessive fan, Eric Justin.

Majury was seeking a personal protection order against her classmate and on Monday she told the court that she had dropped out of school and was having nightmares.

“What she loves, what she needs more than anything as a teenager, is being at school with her friends playing soccer,” said Lanny Davis, Majury’s attorney.

“However, the proven fear is that she stayed home because she was afraid.”

The lawyer for the student accused of harassment argued that he was only trying to help Majury and never threatened her.

Judge Kyle S. Cohen dismissed the case, saying Majury’s attorneys had not presented enough evidence against her classmate for him to grant an injunction against harassment.

Speaking outside the Collier County Circuit Court, Majury said she was disappointed with the decision, but that she planned to move on with her life.

“Even though today didn’t go the way we wanted, I’m glad I brought my truth out and told my story,” she said.


Majury was catapulted to fame at age 13 when videos of her doing dance routines on TikTok went viral and she soon had over a million followers.

Majury raised tens of thousands from her social media, with a promotional post earning her $1,700.

Her activity on social media was supported by her parents, who told The New York Times in February that she was “entrepreneurial.”


However, nearly three-quarters of her followers were men, and the requests and messages were sometimes inappropriate.

One of his followers, Eric Justin, 18, of Ellicott City, Maryland, repeatedly contacted Majury, who initially responded, as he did with most of his fans. When he started requesting explicit material, she blocked him.

On July 10, Justin showed up at the Majury family home in Naples and opened the front door with his shotgun.

Majury’s father, Rob, 51, a retired New Jersey police lieutenant, chased after Justin on foot.

When Justin returned a short time later, Rob Majury told him to drop the gun, he said. When Justin refused and pointed his gun at him, the former officer shot him dead.

No charges have been filed; An investigation continues.

Ava deleted her main TikTok account, but her Instagram page is still active.

It was last updated five weeks ago, with Majury detailing the damage Justin’s case has done to her family.

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