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Who is Bashkim Selamaj?(Horrified father of Sabina Nessa’s coward killer reveals he wanted to apologise to the murdered primary school teacher’s) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Bashkim Selamaj

Bashkim Selamaj Wiki

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Who is Bashkim Selamaj ?

The father of Sabina Nessa’s killer wanted to apologize to his family for his son’s horrific actions, but “couldn’t find the courage” to do so, it has been revealed.

Bashkim Selamaj, 73, traveled from his home in Albania to see his son Koci, 36, be jailed for life for murdering the 28-year-old teacher after prowling the streets of Brighton and London, looking for a lonely woman. for his ‘sadist’. and sexually motivated assault.

The murderer’s father was at the Old Bailey with his daughter Jolanda Hyseni and expressed his “pain” for the events.

He told the Sunday Mirror: ‘My daughter and I wanted to apologize to Sabina’s family for what Koci did.

‘We couldn’t find the courage to come face to face with Sabina’s sister.

‘Her pain of hers is our pain. I have two daughters and I understand what it would be like to lose one.


Bashkim had previously said he was “very sad” for Miss Nessa’s family and admitted relatives were still “shocked” by his actions.

He told the Sun: ‘How could he hit a person he didn’t know at all 34 times? We are shocked to learn that and still cannot believe that our son was involved in such a murder.

‘Sabina was a human being, and this lady did not deserve death.’

He also revealed that Koci Selamaj, who was determined to earn money to help his family, so he started working at the age of 13, was a “calm and good boy who wouldn’t kill a fly” in his youth.

As a mediocre student who started taking classes, Koci Selamaj would work in a bakery and as a carpenter after the family moved to Athens when he was 12 years old.

A chilling CCTV captured him trying out a rolling pin as a murder weapon before ‘loitering’ in the shadows of Cator Park in southeast London while waiting for a victim on the night of September 17.


He then targeted Ms. Nessa as she walked by, and CCTV showed him stopping, turning around and running after the 28-year-old before hitting her 34 times with a 2-foot-long metal traffic triangle, which became shattered when she tried to fight. the outside

After he passed out, Selamaj took Miss Nessa away, took off her underwear and strangled her to death with her stockings.

He cowardly refused to confront his family at the Old Bailey on Thursday and Friday, while his father and his sister watched from the public gallery.

His lawyer said he would never explain why he carried out the disgusting attack and vowed to “remain silent forever”.

In sentencing him, Judge Sweeney said that Selamaj had “positively enjoyed what he did in the park.”

She set a minimum term of 36 years for sexually motivated ‘savage’ attack.

Addressing him in absentia, the judge told him: ‘Sabina Nessa was a totally innocent victim of an absolutely heinous murder that was entirely the fault of the accused, which has added to people’s sense of insecurity, particularly women. who live in our cities, when walking or traveling alone, especially at night.

“Sabina’s life was important, a life that did not deserve to be taken in such a heinous and cowardly way.”

Bashkim Selamaj Quick and Facts

  • Bashkim Selamaj, 73, revealed he wanted to apologise to Sabina Nessa’s family
  • However the father of her killer, Koci Selamaj, said he ‘couldn’t find the courage’ 
  • Bashkim flew in from Albania to the Old Bailey and saw his son jailed for life 

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