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Who is Bethany K. Farber?(Californian aesthetician sues LAPD after she was misidentified, wrongly arrested and spent TWO weeks in jail where ‘human feces ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Bethany K. Farber

Bethany K. Farber Wiki

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Who is Bethany K. Farber ?

A woman has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department, claiming a case of mistaken identity landed her in jail for 13 days.

Bethany Farber, of Calabasas, California, was about to board a Delta flight to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, to visit her family when she was stopped by TSA agents at Los Angeles International Airport in April of the year. past.


Officers said they had a warrant for Farber’s arrest in Texas and escorted her to a private room where they handcuffed her to a chair.

The beautician was soon arrested by police, who failed to check her driver’s license or confirm her identity, and held her in the Lynwood Women’s Jail for 13 days, the lawsuit alleges.

The Farber cop she was looking for has dark hair and doesn’t look like the Farber who is now suing the department. It’s unclear why police were looking for Farber and if she found the right suspect.

LAPD said it does not comment on pending litigation and did not explain how the wrong Farber was arrested.

She is now suing the LAPD, Los Angeles airport police and the city of Los Angeles for what she says was a wrongful arrest and claimed police mistook her for a woman with the same name who had a warrant for her arrest.

Farber told KTLA-TV: ‘It was absolutely terrifying. I was shocked. It kept getting worse.

I was arrested on a statewide fugitive warrant. I kept saying they had the wrong person and to double check, and they just said, “no, we got it.”

Farber claimed she told officers they had the wrong person, but they took her to the Lynwood Women’s Jail.

She continued, “Immediately, all I could think of is that I’ve never been to Texas… I started to get angry, realizing that it was all happening.”

Farber spent 13 days in jail as her family and friends worked to prove that the police had the wrong woman.


Her family hired attorneys in Texas and Los Angeles, and proved her innocence by showing a cell phone GPS that indicated Farber was in California on the day the other woman committed crimes in Texas.

The blonde said that she was marked by her experiences in prison, but she stated that she “could happen to anyone”.

She also said she saw human feces thrown around and had to put hot food under her clothes just to keep warm while she was in jail, CBS News reported.

“He had to spend nights in a cold cell, hearing the voices of other inmates screaming, crying, he saw fights inside his cell, he saw fights in the common areas of the jail,” his lawyer Rodney Diggs told a news conference. conference on Tuesday.

Diggs also told Fox 11, “They could have checked birth dates, fingerprints, Social Security number.” Farber had her passport with her at the time.

He added: ‘That says the system is flawed somewhere. The fact that there are no procedures, there is no protocol.

After she was released, the esthetician’s mother told Farber that her grandmother had suffered a stress-induced stroke. She died just days after Farber was released from jail; Farber was able to visit her before her death.

“I can’t explain to you the feeling of that whole situation, and then being discharged and having [my mother] inform me in the morning that my grandmother was in the hospital,” she told Fox 10. “I think I would.” I would have had more time with her if this situation hadn’t occurred.’

Farber’s attorney also said the state of Texas told the LAPD that the wrong Farber was in custody three days before her release.

Bethany K. Farber Quick and Facts

  • Bethany K. Farber was about to board a Delta flight to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, when she was detained by TSA at Los Angeles International Airport in April
  • She was arrested by police and held at Lynwood Women’s Jail for 13 days after they misidentified her as the wrong Bethany Farber
  • The real Farber they were looking for had a statewide fugitive warrant from a crime committed in Texas 
  • The aesthetician said authorities failed to look at her driver’s license or check her identity, despite her repeatedly telling them they had the wrong person 
  • She is now suing the LAPD, the Los Angeles Airport Police and the City of Los Angeles for $2.5million for emotional distress 
  • Farber spent 13 days in prison and said she was scarred by her experiences where she saw human feces thrown and put hot food in her clothes to keep warm
  • Her family hired attorneys in Texas and Los Angeles to prove she was innocent, using cell phone GPS to show she was in California during the crime  

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