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Who is Brenda Thrumble? (Crazed seagull attack leaves grandmother)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Brenda Thrumble

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Who is Brenda Thrumble?

Brenda Thrumble said he looked like “something from a Freddy Krueger movie” as a result of the vicious attack.

The surprise attack caught the 66-year-old man off guard and forced him to hide behind a bush to escape the seagull’s wrath.

After the attack, Mrs. Thrumble had to receive a tetanus injection on the advice of doctors to avoid getting a bacterial infection from the bird’s talons.

She fell victim to the angry bird, which is believed to have been protecting her young, on Wednesday afternoon as she was driving to her home at St Peters in Broadstairs, Kent.

The mother-of-three said: ‘I was walking around minding my own business when suddenly something popped into my head.

“He came at me from behind so there was no way to expect anything, he just did a ‘bump’ to my head.”

“I put my hand on my head and the blood came out profusely. I thought ‘oh my gosh’, that’s a lot.


Brenda Thrumble, 66, was left bleeding profusely from her head after a seagull attacked her with its claws.

She had drawn blood instantly, she attacked me with her claws instead of her beak. There was a lot of blood from the claws that had gone through my head.

It looked like something out of a Freddy Krueger movie. Blood was pouring down my face, above me, and through my toes. It was a real shock.

“There were a lot of little holes where I had been scratched, so there wasn’t a big wound.”

“It was an old nightmare and not a good experience.”

Mrs Thrumble took cover behind an overhanging hedge before being escorted to safety by a neighbor wearing a motorcycle helmet.

She said: ‘I was afraid to move, and I was afraid it would come to me again. He was close to a wall when he lunged.

‘A nice man named Aaron on a motorcycle came to help me and walked me to his house.

“I was wearing a helmet and we got there without the seagull attacking. Luckily everyone was very nice, all the neighbors helped me.’

After reaching safety, paramedics evaluated Ms. Thrumble and cleaned her head wound.

Mrs Thumble said she will now be “very wary” of the seagulls after the vicious attack.

The animal charity said: ‘They will stop when the person or animal has moved away from their young.

“This behavior usually only lasts a few weeks until the chicks have fledged and can protect themselves.”

Anyone who sees a nest or chick on the ground and can’t help but walk nearby should ‘hold an open umbrella over their head to help deter the parents from lunging’.

The RSPCA argues that culls should only be considered if there is a serious problem and non-lethal means are ineffective or impractical.

Under the Countryside and Wildlife Act 1981, gulls may not be killed unless they are being controlled under the terms of licenses issued by Natural England or Natural Resources Wales.

Under the RSPCA, licensed gull monitoring can only be done for specific reasons, for example to protect public health and safety.

The charity added: “However, it remains illegal to do anything that causes unnecessary suffering to birds and the conditions specified in each license must be followed.”

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