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Who is Callum McDermott?(Attacker is jailed for more than 10 years after being cleared of attempted murder) Wiki,Bio,Age,Instagram,Twitter&Quick Facts

Callum McDermott

Callum McDermott Wiki

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Who is Callum McDermott?

This is the shocking moment a vicious thug punched and kicked a taxi driver over 30 times to put him in a coma. Callum McDermott, 32, was confronted by the taxi driver after he was seen deliberately stopping traffic in the middle of the road in Saffron Lane, Leicester, at 6:40 am on August 23 last year after a night of party full of drugs and alcohol.

Dash cam footage captured the man who then launched his frenzied attack, kicking and punching his victim more than 30 times as he lay on the ground.The 45-year-old man suffered multiple facial fractures and was placed in a hospital-induced coma with life-threatening injuries.

The father of three was physically and mentally scarred and will never be able to work as a taxi driver again.Body camera video shows how McDermott also violently attacked several officers who arrived at the scene, throwing a trash can at them.One officer was punched in the face and left with a broken nose in four places, as well as cuts and bruises on his face.

Charged and Arrested

McDermott was doused with an incapacitant, arrested and taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary where he made racist comments to staff.He went on to admit to grievous bodily harm, assault resulting in actual bodily harm, two counts of assault on an emergency worker, and a Section 5 racially aggravated warrant.

He was also charged with attempted murder, but following a trial earlier this month he was found not guilty of that offense at Leicester Crown Court. McDermott, from Leicester, was jailed for 10 years and eight months in the same court on Thursday.

Detective Constable Berni Smith, of Leicestershire Police, said: “This was a horrific attack on a man in a public place, in front of various members of the public.’Many were left extremely distressed by what they had witnessed.


“Fortunately, the victim survived the attack, although he is still receiving medical treatment and his life will never be the same.”McDermott not only stopped to attack the victim, but then assaulted multiple officers, one of whom sustained significant facial injuries.”McDermott’s actions that day were inexcusable. He not only attacked a member of the public but also the officers performing their duty for him.


“Any attack on any police officer is of great concern to us and completely unacceptable.’His police officers and his staff are normal people who do amazing things. Drawn from our local communities, they are doing an excellent job in the most difficult times.

“Being attacked and assaulted while discharging this duty simply will not be tolerated.”After the case, the victim’s wife, 36, said in a harrowing interview: “I wish the man had killed him; life will never be the same again.”

She added: “He’s been extremely depressed and may cry, he knows something has happened to him that he just can’t remember what.”

“We are originally from Sri Lanka and he often says that he just wants to go back to his homeland and leave the UK.”

‘My oldest daughter is 10 years old, she knows that something has happened and her father has changed.She “she was an extremely intelligent child, and as a result of what happened, her schoolwork began to suffer.”Fortunately, the school has been able to support her and provide some wellness tips to help her.”


The detectives who have been investigating this case have supported me and made adjustments so that my husband can provide evidence via video recording and he didn’t have to stand in court and talk about what he remembers or the impact on him now.

“When the officers came to our house the morning of the assault, I thought they were just there to talk to me or tell me something; I never expected it to be about my husband being seriously assaulted.“I was in shock for days, thankfully family and friends joined us and were there to support me and the kids through the traumatic time.”

‘That day changed our lives forever and I don’t know if life will ever be the same for us.’How can someone do that to someone else, they don’t have a family, they don’t have a heart?”Now I can only hope that my husband somehow recovers and can go back to work and we can be a normal family again.”

Quick Facts

  • Callum McDermott, 32, deliberately stopped traffic in Saffron Lane, Leicester
  • Dash-cam footage captured the man launching his frenzied attack on the cabbie
  • The 45-year-old sustained multiple facial fractures and was placed in a coma

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