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Who is Callum Wheeler?(charged with murder of PCSO Julia James, 53, who was found dead in Kent woodland after going missing while walking her dog last month ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Callum Wheeler

Callum Wheeler Wiki

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Who is Callum Wheeler?

A Kentish man has been charged tonight with the murder of PCSO Julia James.

Police say they have charged 21-year-old Callum Wheeler of Aylesham in the death of the 53-year-old man.

Ms James, a mother of two, disappeared while walking with her beloved Jack Russell near her home in Snowdon, Kent, last month.

She was later found dead by members of the public in the vicinity of Akholt Wood on Tuesday, April 27.

Detectives investigating Ms. James’s death say she had suffered head injuries. Her dog, named Toby, was unharmed and remained next to her body.

Officers from the Kent and Essex Directorate of Serious Crimes arrested Wheeler on Friday.

How old is Callum Wheeler?

She was 21 year old .

Charged and Murder Julia James

The force had been granted a 36-hour extension, until Monday night, to continue to hold Wheeler in custody.

Today, the Crown Prosecutor’s Office (CPS) has authorized a murder charge.

Wheeler remains in police custody tonight. He is scheduled to appear via video link in Medway Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

In a statement, Kent Police said: ‘Detectives investigating the death of Police Community Support Officer Julia James have charged Callum Wheeler, 21, of Aylesham with her murder.

PCSO Julia James was found dead on April 27 while she was walking her beloved dog Toby.

“Mr. Wheeler remains in custody and is due to appear via video link in Medway Magistrates Court on Tuesday.”

The news of a charge comes after Ms James’ daughter previously endorsed requests for a clap at the door to acknowledge the “ hard work and dedication ” of the police involved in the case.

Bethan Coles, an officer on duty, backed an idea put forward by locals who plan to bring to their doors a one-minute applause similar to the applause campaign for our caregivers during the pandemic.

They plan to hold the tribute at 7 p.m. Tuesday to thank the police.

In a Facebook post announcing the idea, Bethan said: ‘This is a lovely way to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all the officers involved.

“I am very grateful for all that they have done so far.”

Ms. James’s husband Paul, 57, changed his Facebook profile picture yesterday for him and Ms. James and wrote, ‘I miss you so much Luvly xxx.’ It is believed to be the first time James has commented.

He also used a ‘Help us find #justiceforjulia’ frame around the image, which Ms. James’ son-in-law Chase Coles said more than 8,600 have added to help the family’s appeal.

Ms. James had worked on the Canterbury Police Station Vulnerability Investigation Team and helped survivors seek help in abusive relationships.

Ms. James used to attend meetings to discuss potential police action, safety planning, and emotional support while she worked with the local domestic violence and abuse charity Rising Sun.


Its CEO, Fran Ellis, described Ms James as ‘kind, caring and generous’ as a ‘devoted advocate and advocate for survivors of domestic abuse’ who ‘would go out of her way to help anyone’.

Yesterday, two survivors of domestic abuse that Ms. James helped, explained how she gave them the strength and self-esteem to break free from their abusive relationships.

One victim said: ‘Julia was one of the kindest and most caring women I have ever come across.

“ She really cared about every woman she talked to and she had a way of making you feel so calm and safe around her.

Kent.Community support officers walk past floral tributes in a park in the village of Aylesham near the scene in Snowdown where the body of Ms James was found


‘She was truly one of a kind of hers, with a heart of gold, and she spent a lot of time helping others, more than she thought.

“When I met Julia she hadn’t talked about what she had been through before.

“I had no confidence and I felt like a part of me was broken. He took the time to listen and understand everything.


Daughter of murdered PCSO Julia James backs calls for a …

Domestic abuse survivors pay tribute to murdered PCSO Julia …

Not only did she help me heal, but she also helped me realize my worth and that it wasn’t my fault.

“ I owe a lot to Julia and I will be eternally grateful that she came into my life. ”

Another victim whom Ms James supported said: ‘When I left home with my children for the first time after a particularly strong altercation with my husband, the police officer who later contacted me suggested that I speak to a PSCO called Julia James, just to make sure the kids and I was safe.


Forensic police officers search fields near the village of Snowdown, near Aylesham, following the death of Julia James

From the first words Julia said, she knew that she was someone she could trust.

“ She was a force of nature – she was calm, kind and reassuring when things were at their worst and most of all, she was completely focused on making sure my children and I were safe.

“ I didn’t tell Julia much about my story on the first day and I told her that she intended to go home when things settled down, my husband had a bad temper.

Julia stayed in touch during the first week, calling several times and suggesting that we review a confidential questionnaire.

“ The questionnaire was a real eye-opener for me; I initially decided not to answer all the questions, but as Julia explained the meaning of each one to me over the phone, she gradually began to understand that the way my husband had been treating me and our children over the years was not right. .

‘It was serious physical, verbal and emotional abuse. Julia never judged me or my situation, nor did she tell me what to do.

She added that, in her role as her PCSO, Ms. James would have helped “hundreds, if not thousands, of survivors of domestic abuse with stories like mine and even worse.”

Callum Wheeler Quicks and Facts

  • PCSO Julia James, 53, was found dead near to Akholt Woods, Kent, on April 27
  • Callum Wheeler, aged 21, from Aylesham, in Kent, was arrested on Friday, May 7
  • He has been charged with Mrs James’ murder, Kent Police confirmed tonight
  • Wheeler is now due to appear at Medway Magistrates’ Court in Kent tomorrow 

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