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What You Don’t Know About Cameron Wahid?(Restaurant staff warned before East Grinstead boy died from allergic reaction to spaghetti ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Family,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Cameron Wahid

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Who was Cameron Wahid ?

Cameron Wahid, who was allergic to dairy, died three days after going into anaphylactic shock because of a pasta he ate despite his parents being reassured it was safe

A young East Grinstead schoolboy died after suffering an allergic reaction to pasta he ate while on vacation with his family in Italy, according to an investigation.

Cameron Wahid’s parents fought desperately to save him when he suffered anaphylactic shock at Scala’s restaurant on the Amalfi Coast.

The seven-year-old began eating a plate of pasta after staff assured his parents that it contained no dairy products.

Cameron suffered severe anaphylactic shock minutes after eating the pasta during midterm vacation in 2015.


Mom Cassandra Wahid, who works as a nurse, managed to give her son an EpiPen.

Dad Rizwan Wahid gave his son CPR before a passing doctor stepped in to help him.

The schoolboy was transferred to a local hospital before being airlifted to Santobono Hospital in Naples.


Cameron died three days after suffering anaphylactic shock on October 30, 2015, after brain surgery failed to save him.

Dad Rizwan said earlier this year: “Watching him go into anaphylactic shock and suffer like this was without a doubt the worst experience of our lives.

“He was such a lovely boy, and he always brightened our days.”

Coroner Lisa Milner said the boy died as a result of eating milk or a dairy product.She said: “I am satisfied that Cameron died on October 30, 2015 of hypoxic brain injury and cardiac arrest after consuming milk or a milk derivative.

“Before ordering, the family had informed the restaurant of his severe allergy, but the food contained milk or a derivative that caused the brain injury and anaphylactic shock that resulted in his death.”

Coroner’s Officer Mel Doyle said at the Horsham investigation that the family knew Cameron had a severe dairy allergy and that he took all necessary precautions.

The family had spent two weeks on vacation in Sorrento when they took a trip and stopped at Scala’s restaurant on the Amalfi Coast.


“His parents told the staff about Cameron’s dairy allergy and were reassured that there was nothing in the food that could affect him,” said Ms. Doyle.

“The staff spoke English and understood what the family was saying to them.

“Cameron had about four bites of homemade pasta with tomato sauce, then said he didn’t like the taste.

“Within 10 minutes he started complaining of feeling bad,” Ms. Doyle said.


Italian authorities charged the restaurant manager, chef and waiter after Cameron’s death.

The manager died before the case could be started, the chef was acquitted, and a two-year suspended sentence for the waiter was reduced to 12 months on appeal.

Coroner Lisa Milner said: “I would like to convey my sincere condolences to his family and friends.”

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