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Who is Can Arslan?(Can Arslan found guilty of murdering father of three on front lawn ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Can Arslan

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Who is Can Arslan ?

Can Arslan is found guilty of murdering his neighbor Matthew Boorman.

A man who subjected his neighbors to years of antisocial behavior before stabbing one of them to death has been found guilty of murder.

Can Arslan, 52, waited for Matthew Boorman when he was coming home from work and then stabbed him 27 times in the front garden.

It was the culmination of 12 years of threats to Arslan’s neighbors in Walton Cardiff, Gloucestershire.

After the verdict, Boorman’s wife, Sarah, released a statement in which she called his death “truly shocking.”

Paying tribute to the 43-year-old father of three, the statement praised his efforts raising funds for charity, climbing the three peaks with friends, gardening at a hospice and running half marathons.

Read by Boorman’s sister, Sarah Elston, outside Bristol Crown Court, she said: “Matt glowed brightly, radiated enthusiasm and had a real zest for life.

“He loved to celebrate life and fill the house with music and laughter.

“Perhaps what people will remember most about Matt is his smile.

“His energy from him, his love from him, his laughter, a very proud father of his children.”

Matthew Boorman was described as a very loving husband and devoted father to his three children.
“Matt was a man who infused fun into the most mundane of tasks. He was a kid at heart who flew model planes and raced remote control cars,” he continued.

“Matt’s death is truly shocking. He was so young and had such a bright future ahead of him.”

Speaking on behalf of the family, Ms Elston said he “touched the lives of everyone he came into contact with” and “he was a good man” with “a lot to live for”.


Boorman’s family paid tribute to her in a statement read by her sister Sarah Elston.
One of Mr. Boorman’s sons watched the attack unfold from a second-floor room, heard the trial.

Arslan, who had denied murder citing diminished responsibility, broke into the house of another neighbor, Peter Marsden, and stabbed him eight times.

The October 5 murder trial came after Arslan had terrorized his neighbors for years.

Many of them were so concerned about his behavior that they installed security cameras that captured the murder, the footage of which was used as evidence by the police.

Other neighbors, including an off-duty police officer, confronted Arslan during the outbreak of violence.

At the time of the murder, Arslan was subject to a court order prohibiting him from threatening or abusing his neighbors, and had received an eviction notice.

Small lines through the parking lot and a scratch on a car had escalated to the point where Arslan had repeatedly threatened to attack or kill those who lived near him.

In May, Ms. Boorman made a statement to the police in which she set out a summary of the threats they had received from the accused.

She said that they were worried about being killed, or that someone was going to be seriously injured very soon.

Arslan made counter-accusations, accusing the Boormans of racially abusing him.

‘Not mentally ill’

Arslan had claimed that he heard voices, including from his childhood teddy bear, telling him to kill, but expert psychiatrists told the jury that he was not psychotic and diagnosed him with unstable personality disorder.

Two forensic psychiatrists agreed that Arslan did not suffer from mental illness, but were divided on whether his personality disorder should reduce the crime to one of involuntary manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Dr John Sandford said CCTV footage of the attacks made it clear that Arslan was aware of what he was doing.

“It’s pretty clear that he knows what’s going on and why he’s been arrested,” said Dr. Sandford.

However, Dr. Sally Foster, who conducted a psychiatric examination for the defence, said that Arslan’s personality disorder diagnosis could provide a defense against murder.

She said “impaired mental functioning was a major contributing factor to the defendant’s acts.”

Sarah Boorman

Sarah Boorman, his wife, unlocked the door for him but watched in horror as Arslan pounced on him on their front lawn and began stabbing him in the head and chest “like he was an animal on the floor”.

She was stabbed in the leg while trying to pull Arslan off.

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