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Who is Christopher D. Allen?(Grandfather is charged with attempted murder for brutally ‘attacking his five-month-old ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Christopher D. Allen

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Who is Christopher D. Allen ?

An Indiana man charged with the attempted murder of his infant granddaughter is accused of attacking her ‘out of the blue,’ leaving her seriously injured and stunning her family.

On March 7, police arrested Christopher D. Allen, 48, in connection with the brutal beating of his five-month-old granddaughter, Bryleigh Adams, while he and other relatives were at the family’s Greensburg home.


The attack left Bryleigh with a fractured eye socket, a fractured skull and a swollen closed eyelid. She was in a neck brace for several months due to neck injuries, including torn ligaments and a sprain, WXIN reported.

Bryleigh’s family said she had to be revived at the scene by emergency personnel.

The baby, who also suffered a brain hemorrhage, currently remains on a feeding tube while recovering at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. She is still unable to swallow and is expected to undergo multiple surgeries in the coming weeks.

As the baby recovers, the family is confronted, wondering how Bryleigh’s maternal grandfather could do this.

‘This is a man who is in the baby’s life every day. They never thought of any of that. My son, who is the father, said that he never would have thought he would do this, he came out of nowhere and attacked her,” said Bryleigh’s paternal grandmother, Jennifer Powers.


Although the family understands that what Allen allegedly did was “unfathomable,” they still say the actions were misplaced.

“What he did is horrendous, he’s not okay by any means, but that’s not the man he is,” the baby’s mother and Allen’s daughter, Madalynn Hadley, told WXIN.

In the latest update, the family said Bryleigh is still unable to swallow and doctors could surgically add a more permanent feeding tube.


Madalynn Hadley said that she believes something is wrong with her father and that he has only been a loving father and grandfather until the incident.

“For this to happen, it’s hard for outsiders to look at our history and understand it, because we can’t even understand how something like this could happen,” Hadley said. “It’s definitely quite difficult because we want to know what’s wrong with him, we want to know how this happened, and we want to understand and get those answers.”

As the family searches for answers, Bryleigh’s recovery remains in the spotlight and an online fundraiser has been launched to cover medical expenses.

In the latest update on Monday, the family said Bryleigh is still unable to swallow and doctors may perform surgery to place a more permanent feeding tube.

‘From the outside it looks better! I’m grateful for that, but on the inside we have a little longer road ahead of us than anticipated,” the family posted. “We also have to wait for the brain bleeds to heal and go from there. We will continue to help Bry fight and get her full strength back. Keep the prayers coming! Thank you all!’

Meanwhile, the baby’s grandfather has been charged with attempted murder and faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted.

He is currently being held on $10 million bond and his next court date is set for June 7.

Christopher D. Allen Arrested and charged

  • Police arrested 48-year-old Christopher D. Allen after he allegedly beat his five-month-old granddaughter Bryleigh Adams while other people were in the home
  • The attack left baby Bryleigh with a fractured eye socket, a fractured skull, a swollen shut eyelid, and in a neck collar for several months 
  • Although the family understands what Allen is accused of is ‘unfathomable’ they still say the actions were out of character  
  • Allen was charged with attempted murder and faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted

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