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Who is Dandrae Martin?(Suspect arrested in Sacramento shooting that left 6 dead, 12 wounded ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dandrae Martin

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Who is Dandrae Martin ?

Miami-Dade police have released the name of the man they say shot and killed his wife at a North Miami Beach Jewish community center over the weekend.

Carl Watts Jr. has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 30-year-old Shandell Harris.

According to police, Watts had stabbed Harris on Saturday. She reported him to the Miami police.

The Harris family went to the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center on Sunday with her 12-year-old daughter and her mother for her daughter’s swimming lessons.

Watts arrived at the center and, according to police, offered Harris money to drop the charges against him. She refused and asked him to leave.


Witnesses at the pool say they heard five shots and saw a man chasing a woman.

“I saw the shooter running after someone with the gun. We heard a huge bang,” a witness said. “My granddaughter was in the pool for a swimming lesson, I looked up and saw the shooter with my own eyes chasing someone with a gun. So we just ran. We ran and hid.”

According to police, Watts shot Harris multiple times. When he collapsed, he reportedly stood over her and continued to shoot at her until he ran out of ammunition. He fled but was detained by private security at gunpoint.

“He followed her here, chased her down and shot her like an animal. Like he was hunting,” says Aaron Batten, a member of the family.

Police say they were trying to find Watts and arrest him for the stabbing, but it was too late.

“The actual presence of a firearm in the home increases the risk of homicide domestic violence cases by 500%. So I’m not the least bit surprised that weapons were used and ultimately were what sadly ended up taking this woman’s life,” says Patrick DeCarlo, a licensed marriage and family therapist.


Harris’s family said she had aspirations to be a Miami-Dade commissioner and that she was a great mother.

“Everything was for her son and for her marriage. She was a happy person, she did not deserve any of this, ”said a relative.

On Monday, Watts appeared in court with his hands cuffed in front of him. He said nothing when a judge raised the murder charge he faces.

“Why isn’t it first grade? He went there to the JCC with a gun. Weapons are not allowed in the JCC. And then he shot the victim multiple times,” Judge Mindy Glazer says.

The 45-year-old man has an extensive criminal history. He is a person of interest in the mysterious disappearance of Trukita Scott, a Fort Lauderdale woman who shares a son with Watts. Fort Lauderdale police are asking anyone with information about this 2014 case to come forward.

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