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Who is Davell Gardner?(Arrest made in fatal shooting of 1-year-old Davell Gardner, Jr ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Davell Gardner

Davell Gardner Wiki

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Dashawn Austin, 25, has been arrested in connection with the death of Davell Gardner, Jr.

“This is a powerful moment of justice,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said of the arrest. The mayor recounted spending time with the boy’s mother and grandmother and said: “He was the most heartbreaking thing in the world.”

The 1-year-old was hit by a bullet when shots were heard on July 12, 2020, during a barbecue near the Raymond Bush Playground in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Police say two gunmen dressed in black approached and fired several bullets before fleeing. Little Davell was shot in the abdomen and died of his wounds. Three others were also wounded by gunfire.

The boy was only two months away from his second birthday.

There was no exchange of words or disputes before the shots were fired, according to investigators.

In September, the boy’s father had launched an emotional plea calling for an end to the gun violence.


Austin is now charged with multiple crimes, including three counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, assault, two counts of attempted assault, four counts of criminal possession of a weapon by having a loaded firearm, and reckless danger.

He was already in custody for another fatal shooting, outside a Brooklyn strip club.

Austin is also a reputed gang member. He is one of 18 people named in a 63-count indictment, which solved four murders and eight non-fatal shootings.


A second person is also in custody in Davell’s death and awaiting extradition.

“That is part of the long-term investigations that our great detectives have been handling. There were numerous subjects apprehended, several acts of violence and two specifically for the murder of Davell Gardner. As most of you remember, on July 12, a very dark day, when the one-year-old boy found himself missing as a result of the simple recklessness of those gang members, who are now being driven off our streets, ”said Patrol Chief Juanita Holmes, NYPD.

who were responsible for Davell’s murder. “

“The highest-profile homicide in this indictment is the most heartbreaking, 22-month-old Davell Gardner, Jr. sitting in his stroller was shot and killed,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzales said, “today I can announce that we have charged two criminals who were responsible for Davell’s murder. ”

“We allege that Dashawn Austin was one of the shooters. His co-conspirator, Akeem Artis, took him to the park to carry out the shooting, we also charged him. He was the driver of the vehicle,” Gonzales said.

The district attorney said the gang is known for using a three-car caravan to commit shootings. Each of the cars has a unique role. “The blocking car blocks the responding police. The chasing cars speed up, for the police to chase them. The third car is the shooter’s car, which contains the gunman,” Gonzales said.


In this particular crime, the gang allegedly circled the block around Madison Street. “We found out that the vehicle stopped, we let out two men, our shooters. One was Dashawn Austin. Another vehicle, a white Mercedes, drove up the block. Those two men started shooting indiscriminately. The man wearing the hood, the white hood on the camera, we claim it’s Dashawn Austin. Both men are shooting and, as seen in the video, people are scattering, running for their lives, “Gonzales said.

The district attorney said the gang used a phone app with encrypted instant messages and group chats to organize killings. Their base of operations is in city-run public housing, but their reach extends well beyond Bedford-Stuyvesant.

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