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Who is Davide Fontana?(dismembered body is discovered in bin bags and stuffed in the freezer by police in Brescia who arrest her food blogger ex boyfriend for murder ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Davide Fontana

Davide Fontana Wiki

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Who is Davide Fontana ?

Mother of 26-year-old Carol Maltesi, who worked under the stage name Charlotte Angie, had starred in several erotic films and ran an Only Fans adult site.

She was last seen alive in January near her home in Rescaldina, near Milan, Italy, and today her neighbor, a food blogger named Davide Fontana, 43, was being questioned about the murder of her.

Police found her dismembered body in several rubbish bags ten days ago in Borno, near Brescia, as her frozen remains thawed in the warm spring sun.

Detectives will be able to identify her from six of the 12 distinctive tattoos they had on her body after revealing the details earlier this week and a member of the public called after recognizing them from her adult work.

Among the designs were a ‘speckled leopard print’ on the upper right thigh, the words ‘step by step’ on the right leg, ‘wanderlust’ on the right shoulder, ‘elegance is the…’ on the back , te (you) on his left hand and ‘be brave’ on his left elbow.


Cops arrested Fontana after traffic cameras stopped his car in the Borno area and then entered a local police station that offered “information” but was so lame that it aroused suspicion.

Carol, who had a six-year-old daughter, had turned to adult work during lockdown to make ends meet and she was said to be earning up to £10,000 a month.

She had started a relationship with her neighbor Ella Fontana earlier this year, but the two are said to have broken up.

Fontana told police that he had killed her after a fight and that he had burned her face to hide her identity before dismembering her body and hiding it in garbage bags in her freezer.

Carol was due to take part in an erotic festival in Milan earlier this month, but she didn’t show up and her name appeared on advertising flyers for the show.

After killing her, Fontana continued to use her phone and texted her victim’s mother saying that she had “quit p*rn” but that he was too busy to explain why.

He even responded to concerned fans who recognized her tattoos by sending them text messages claiming to be Carol’s saying, “Yeah the tattoos look like mine but I’m fine.”

Fontana told police that he had killed her with a hammer after having s*x with her, but that they had rowed from her.


Earlier this year, she posted a video online in which she spoke out against violence against women, saying “it’s not just a question of physical violence but also psychological violence.”

Prosecutor Lorena Ghibaudo said: ‘The suspect confessed after being confronted with evidence that he dismantled his claims.

“He had been using her phone and even paying her rent to make it look like she was still alive, but he had actually killed her and dismembered her body.”

Fontana was today in police custody for allegations of aggravated voluntary homicide, as well as destruction and concealment of a body.

Davide Fontana Quick and Facts

  • Carol Maltesi, 26, was last seen alive in January close to home near Milan, Italy
  • Police found her dismembered body in several bin bags ten days ago at Borno
  • Detectives were able to identify her from six of the 12 distinctive tattoos she had
  • Her neighbour, Davide Fontana, 43, is now being questioned about her murder

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