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Who is Davontai Lee?(Horrifying moment Florida fairground operator, 28, is trapped between ride’s moving floor ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Davontai Lee

Davontai Lee Wiki

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Who is Davontai Lee ?

A harrowing video captured the moment a fairground operator was pinned from the waist down by a massive metal plate that snapped into place as he tried to retrieve a customer’s hat.

Davontai Lee, 28, was left immobilized and in pain at the Clay County Fair in Daytona Beach, Florida, on Friday night.

Lee, a father of two from Jacksonville, Florida, was rushed to a nearby hospital for evaluation after he was released from the ride. No further updates on his condition have been given, but he has posted on Facebook to share his relief at surviving the ordeal.


Police say the ride was inspected and it was found that he was not at fault for the incident.

The video showed Lee pinned at the waist between a ramp and the ride’s metal floor. Her hips and his legs were not visible under the two huge metal plates.

Lee threw his head back and yelled, ‘It hurts,’ as people tried to lower the floor below him and pull the ramp out of his trapped body.

At a news conference Saturday, Clay County police said Lee was trapped for about 15 minutes before he was released.

“It was a way of gently moving some parts around, and then he was able to slide out,” Clay County Fire Chief David Kuykendell said, “So actually he was never really trapped, it was more like he was trapped. ‘

Clay County Sheriff Jeff Johnson said Lee was trapped after he tried to retrieve fallen property from a bicyclist.

‘To make a long story short, the trader was trying to do a good deed, and he had a bad time.’

“The guy went down to get someone else’s hat and I’m guessing the floors or whatever fell on him and pinned him down,” said witness Keirra Peterson, whose mother, Aurelia Smith, filmed the accident.

Aurelia Smith posted the video on Facebook in hopes of getting it to Lee’s family.

‘Don’t go to the fair!’ she wrote in the post.

Lee’s condition has not been disclosed, but in a Facebook comment on Sunday he wrote that he was still hospitalized and in pain.

“I’m still in the hospital, my back hurts and the side of my stomach where the thing was pushing down,” she wrote in response to a comment from a supporter.

The comment was written on a post he made about the incident.

‘I thank God that I am still here on earth at this time. I thought I was gone but God had me covered and I thank everyone who sent in prayers for me. Lee wrote in a post on his Facebook account.

Clay County Police and Fire Departments

Clay County Police and Fire Departments say the ride was thoroughly reviewed and deemed safe and he was not at fault for the incident.

‘I mean the trip had nothing to do with this. The ride is working properly. The sheriff’s office, along with the fire and rescue department, conducted an investigation, all agencies that needed to be contacted were contacted, and the ride is up and running today,” said Chief Johnson.

So get out there and enjoy the ride.

Tire Sampson Death

The accident occurred just two weeks after 14-year-old Tire Sampson died falling from a ride at ICON Park on International Drive in Orlando.

Sampson was riding the FreeFall drop tower, which sees riders hoisted 430 feet into the air before forcefully dropping them at speeds reaching 75 mph, exerting massive G-forces in the process.

A preliminary accident report on what caused the crash found that the locking mechanism in Tire Sampson’s seat was working, but that the 350-pound teenager may have been too heavy for the ride.

Davontai Lee Quick and Facts

  • Davontai Lee, 28, a ride-operator at the Clay County Fair in Florida, was pinned between the moving floors of his own ride on Friday night
  • Lee was freed by rescue crews after fifteen minutes, and could be seen pleading for help while stick
  • Lee’s condition is not known, but according to his own Facebook post he was still in the hospital and in pain as of Sunday
  • Clay County police said in a statement that the ride had been inspected and found not to be at fault in the incident

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