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The two victims of a south London gang shooting have been named today as the rapper son of a well-known boxing promoter and a tragic 21-year-old delivery man who was just minutes away from finishing his shift.

Rapper Perm, the son of Dean Whyte, a close friend of British boxing heavyweight Dillian Whyte, was shot dead in Brixton following a car chase on Sunday night.

The chase also ended with the death of Guilherme Messias Da Silva, who was driving a scooter to his last delivery of the night when he was hit by a vehicle in which the rapper was traveling.

According to police, the piercing star jumped and tried to escape from his armed pursuer, but was knocked down. The killer fled the scene and has yet to be found by police, prompting a manhunt.


Today, boxing manager Dean, who often refers to Dillian as his brother, wrote an emotional post on Instagram.

Dean, who became famous for helping promote Dillian’s fights, wrote: ‘R.I.P my boy. daddy loves you Life has changed forever’.

The 34-year-old heavyweight boxer shared the Instagram story with his friends this morning, adding a series of broken heart emojis.

It comes after colleagues of Deliveroo driver Guilherme claimed he was just minutes away from finishing his shift when he was killed.

They paid tribute to Guilherme, who is believed to have lived in the UK for the past two years, having moved from his hometown of Petrolina de Goias, near the Brazilian capital Brasilia.

Fellow driver Paulo Silva, 42, described him as a “good guy” and said he had planned to return to Brazil in December. He said: ‘He was a very nice guy. He is very sad.


Another Deliveroo colleague, who did not want to be identified, said he was “a very good guy who had become an innocent victim.”

A tribute to Guilherme posted on social media in Portuguese by a close friend read: “Another tarmac warrior, humble lad, lost his life working during a gang shooting in Brixton, fatally run over by thieves’ car.”

‘This first world country that many outsiders see is not just a bed of roses. This here is a daily struggle away from the family, exposed to everyday dangers. God comfort family and friends. God receive you with open arms boy.’

Meanwhile, Perm took to Instagram yesterday to share a post with friends and fellow artists, with the caption: “He ran through the dirt but came out cleaner, they wouldn’t understand.”

Today’s post has been flooded with tributes, including from fellow rap artists and fans. One wrote: ‘Rip one of the pioneers of the drilling scene forever’.

Others to comment include Brixton rapper M24, as well as Sneakbo, who shared a love heart emoji.

Another musician, Nadia Rose, wrote: ‘I can’t believe this. RIP.’ Another added: ‘One of the first drilling artists I heard too in 016/017. Be calm.’

Perm was a member of the CT drilling group, which shares his name with a gang of the same name, known as ClapTown (CT). Claptown operates around the Lambeth area, specifically the Clapham High Road area.

They are known to have bitter feuds with other Lambeth gangs, in particular the Brixton Hill-based ’67’ gang. The rivalry had been documented in part in exercise music videos posted on YouTube.

Perm’s death comes after he released a new album last month called ‘Germs’. He had promoted the video on YouTube, including footage from the Notre Dame estate in Clapham, south London.


After the friendly incident, Dean told TalkSport: ‘I had a bit of banter. I had a little chance with John, but we shook hands and it was all in the past.

Tyson won the fight via sixth-round TKO in a packed Wembley Stadium.

Last night, a friend of the Dean’s son said that he was ‘shocked’ by the news of his death. He told MailOnline: ‘He is very well known and said that he was related to a very famous boxer. He was with another rapper that night. I am shocked.

Another, who left flowers at the site today, described him as a kind and funny man who just wanted to help people.

She said: ‘He used to live around the corner. We didn’t go to school together, he went to Lambeth Academy, but we grew up together. He was kind, he was funny, he always knew how to make the room laugh, he was a joker.

“More than anything, he was kind-hearted, with the people he knew. The last time I spoke to him was on our birthday, March 18. We were both 27 years old.

I don’t agree with his music, but he was good at his craft. He was well known in Lambeth. Music-wise, if he had been consistent, he might have pulled it off, he might have done something, but I guess everyone is trying to use music as an outlet.

‘It’s hard when you’re independent as a musician because you have to finance it yourself, so when people see that you’re doing well, they can get very bitter.

He has family, but he is more of a friends person. As if he saw him today, he would say, “Are you okay, do you need something, are you okay?” He is so kind at heart. He just wanted to help you.

“He never wants to see you down, he never wants to see you in a sticky situation, you could get hurt and you could know you have it.”

Speaking about why he may have been involved in a manhunt, the woman, who only identified herself as Shaz, added: “It’s the zip code war, it’s being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

I wouldn’t see him coming here. I don’t know if it’s unusual because I don’t know what he does on a day-to-day basis, but when you see stuff on the internet, you know about gangs or whatever.

‘I don’t know if he is gang affiliated. I only know that he lives where he lives. Because you can live there and that’s all you need. Right now black on black crime is real. The one who lives there, could be anyone.

Residents near the fatal Railton Road gun attack say at least 12 shots were fired during the shocking incident, which took place around 7:50 p.m. last night.

The Met Police have yet to release official details about the victims and no arrests have yet been made. The shooting took place on another weekend of disgusting gun and knife violence in London’s ‘Wild West’.

Earlier on Sunday, a man was stabbed to death at Wembley, while a 32-year-old man was killed during a knife attack near Waterloo station on Saturday.

The fatal attacks also come just days after two men were brutally shot dead in Ilford, east London, on Tuesday, with no arrests yet made. A third man also suffered serious injuries.

None of the incidents have been linked by police, while officers have yet to arrest three of the four incidents.

“You may have thought it was insignificant at the time, but it could be vital in helping us identify those responsible.”

DCI Howie added: ‘Adrian had the rest of his life ahead of him and my thoughts are with his family and friends as they come to terms with his tragic death. I urge anyone with information to do the right thing and contact us today.”


An autopsy will be performed in the next few days. It comes after police launched a murder investigation following the fatal shooting of two men in Ilford, east London, on Tuesday.

Detectives named Saydi Abu Sheikh, 23, and Zakariya Jeilani Mohamed, 32, as the two men who fatally shot after the attack by a suspect, who is said to have been wearing a ‘Joker’ mask at the time.

Armed officers and paramedics rushed to the scene, inside a terraced Victorian property on Henley Road, Ilford, at around 12:16am. m. on Tuesday. One victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The other died a short time later.

Neighbors told MailOnline that the sound of nearby Diwali fireworks masked the sound of gunfire at the alleged ‘drug den’. But an eyewitness says he saw cars approaching the property before shooting the trio.

Another resident told the Telegraph how a man in a ‘Joker-style black mask’ had been seen running through nearby gardens shortly after the shocking attack.

The Met said officers were “working around the clock to find those responsible” but no arrests had been made.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Wood said: “This was an unspeakable act of extreme violence that devastated two families and sent shock waves through the entire community.”

“The suspects responsible for this horrific act are violent criminals and it is important that they are not protected by a wall of silence,” he added.

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