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Who is Dr Michael Mrozinski?(Doctor reveals why so many people are getting false negatives on rapid antigen tests ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dr Michael Mrozinski

Dr Michael Mrozinski Wiki

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Who is Dr Michael Mrozinski ?

A Melbourne doctor talked about why some people have gotten false negatives from their rapid antigen tests and shared the best way to increase your chances of getting an accurate result.

Dr Michael Mrozinski, 35, is a Melbourne GP who has dedicated his platform on TikTok to “reporting medical misinformation.”


In his latest video, he explained why people who test for Covid at home should also rub their throat and nose, as this can help ensure they don’t get a false negative.

He said the reason for this is that Omicron, unlike Delta, can be detected earlier in the back of the throat than in the nose.

“Everybody always remembers to do the nostrils, but don’t forget to do the back of the throat,” she said.

Otherwise, she could get a false negative.

Research has found that RATs are more effective at detecting the virus in symptomatic people due to higher viral loads.

Viral loads refer to the amount of virus present in your body.

To combat this problem, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has published three categories of “sensitivity” that different RATs fall into.

Sensitivity refers to the probability that the test will detect small amounts of covid viruses.

However, there is also a concern that RATs will provide false positives.

The government has asked that anyone who receives a positive RAT test result undergo a PCR test to confirm the result.

PCR is considered more reliable than a second RAT when a positive is confirmed.

The TGA has approved 19 different rapid antigen tests, but the shortage means people can’t buy them either at pharmacies or online.

Prices for RATs have skyrocketed to about $ 15 each from a variety of retailers due to the apparent shortage.


The Australian Competition and Consumers Commission said it would investigate whether the reasons given by retailers for the inflated prices were legitimate.

They said they would not refrain from “naming and shaming” companies found to be unfairly raising their prices.

To separate the most effective brands from the flaws, the Therapeutic Products Administration reviewed a series of studies conducted on manufacturers.

The minimum standard required for RAT kits to be sold in Australia is 80 percent clinical sensitivity, which considers the product labeled “acceptable sensitivity”.

Kits that are 90 percent effective are considered “high sensitivity” and brands that are more than 95 percent rated “very high sensitivity.”

There are only 19 brands that have met these criteria with only five RAT kits labeled “very high sensitivity”.

Dr Michael Mrozinski Quick and Facts

  • Melbourne GP revealed what he believes is the most effective way to take a RAT
  • Dr Michael recommends swabbing from nose and throat, despite instructions
  • The Therapeutic Goods Administration released which tests are most thorough
  • Retailers remain under investigation over soaring RAT prices and shortage claim

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