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Who was Francesco Villi?(Vaughan mass shooter had disturbing court and social media record)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Francesco Villi

Francesco Villi Wiki

                     Francesco Villi Biography

Francesco Villi, the man who shot and killed five people in his Vaughan apartment complex and wounded another, was a deeply concerned man. His mental state was shaky and his grip on reality shaky at best, judging by the video and court evidence he left behind.

Just days before his shooting spree, Villi was posting videos of himself on social media with snot dripping from his nose. He claimed that he burned her skin and was the result of electricity in his condo unit.

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Court documents show that Villi was convinced that “electromagnetic waves” were undermining his health and that his neighbors were involved in a criminal conspiracy against him. Villi was involved in multiple lawsuits, including one that claimed that six fellow residents of his Vaughan condominium complex “caused him harm, pain, suffering, stress, harm to his physical and mental health and financial well-being.”

Villi sought more than $8 million in damages from Rita Camilleri, Dino Colalillo, Naveed Dada, Russell Manock, John Di Nino and Patricia De Sario, all directors on his condominium board when he filed the claim in December 2020. By rejecting the claim In August 2022, Ontario Superior Court Judge Joseph Di Luca sought to explain Villi’s claims, which he wrote and presented himself with legal representation.

Villi’s complaint against his fellow residents was annulled last August by Di Luca.

“I would also find the claim to be frivolous and/or vexatious in that there is a complete absence of material facts alleged in support of any of the claims raised,” the judge wrote.

Another case, Villi v York Region Standard Condominium Corporation No 1139, was ongoing with hearings scheduled for Monday.

Between the court file and the evidence from social media, Villi was someone who should have been watched more closely, someone who should have been controlled, someone who should never have had access to a semi-automatic pistol. The questions about how all this could happen is what the authorities will have to answer in the coming days.

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