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Who is Frank James?(Police release new images of Brooklyn subway shooting suspect Frank James) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Frank James

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Who is Frank James ?

The gunman remains at large after Tuesday’s mass shooting that terrified commuters on the subway.

Police are searching for Frank James, who Mayor Eric Adams says is now identified as a suspect. The 62-year-old with residences in Wisconsin and Philadelphia was initially considered a person of interest.

Investigators say 10 people were shot but at least 23 were injured in the chaos. Sources told CBS2 it could have been worse, because the gun was jammed with bullets inside, and officers found a bag with an array of other weapons.

While the suspect discharged 33 shots and smoke bombs, police say not a single victim is described as having life-threatening injuries. Doctors say many treated at local hospitals have already been released.

Meanwhile, the NYPD are in hot pursuit, searching high and low for the 62-year-old James. Police say they rented a U-Haul found in Gravesend, Brooklyn that could be linked to the mass shooting.

Investigators believe that whoever committed the crime was a “lone wolf.”


Police say the suspect boarded the train at the Kings Highway station on Tuesday morning. As the train stopped in the tunnel between the 59th and 36th Street stations, he attacked, shooting 10 people and injuring 13 more when he allegedly planted smoke bombs while wearing a gas mask.

It was sheer terror for the bikers who ran for their lives through the smoke and away from the gunfire.

Police say the gunman left behind a bag containing an axe, two gas canisters and a single automatic pistol that apparently jammed, perhaps saving lives.

Investigators are still trying to figure out a motive, but say James is connected to some worrying social media posts.

“He mentions homelessness. He mentions New York, and he mentions Mayor Adams, and as a result of that, in an abundance of caution, we’re going to augment the Mayor’s security detail,” said NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell.


Video from inside the train showed a passenger trying to escape the car with the suspect, but the door between the cars was locked.

“Some people were covered in blood on their hands, they still had their masks on their hands,” one resident said.

Other images and videos showed bloodied victims after the shooting.

“It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life,” survivor Hourari Benkada told CBS2.

Benkada said that she was sitting next to the shooter.

“I couldn’t see his face. All you see is smoke, black smoke bombs exploding. Then people running back,” she said. “There was a pregnant woman in front of me, I was trying to help her. At first I didn’t know there was shooting, I just thought it was a black smoke bomb. She said, ‘I’m pregnant with a baby.’ ‘ I helped her, then the race went on, I got pushed and that’s when I got shot.”

Frank James now considered suspect

Frank James is now considered a suspect in the investigation, Mayor Eric Adams says.

James was initially described as a person of interest in the case.

Police say the 62-year-old has multiple residences in Philadelphia and Wisconsin.

He’s believed to have rented a U-Haul that was found in Gravesend, Brooklyn and may be connected to the subway shooting.

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