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Who is Gabriel Quintanilla?(Texas brothers, friend kill stepdad accused of s*xually abusing their sister ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gabriel Quintanilla

Gabriel Quintanilla Wiki

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Who is Gabriel Quintanilla ?

Gabriel Quintanilla was Pharr’s deputy officer who was beaten to death by his two stepsons and one of his family friends.

Gabriel was also charged with multiple charges and previously had a warrant for his arrest for child abuse.

His Pharr department head had also given a statement about him saying he had been charged with s*xual abuse of a minor.

Just some time before, Gabriel’s daughter secretly shared with a close relative that her father was touching her inappropriately.

This angered the two half-siblings aged 17 and 18 and they confronted their stepfather about the incident.

A fight ensued between them and another family friend, a close associate of the two teens joining in the second altercation.

They chased after him as Gabriel swayed on the road, took him to the far field and dumped him there to die.

Who is Gabriel Quintanilla of the Pharr, TX Police Department?

Gabriel Quintilla was a police officer with a warrant for his arrest with the Pharr Police Department of Texas.

He was accused of a case of s*xual abuse against another child.

He also attempted to assault, abuse, and inappropriately touch his daughter, a 9-year-old girl.

Details of the attack were first shared by his own daughter on January 20, 2022, at which time an arrest warrant was issued for Gabriel for the abuse of another child.

According to Quintanilla’s 9-year-old daughter, the abuse occurred in the 1200 block of East Moore in the trailer park.

Her half-brothers, Christian Treviño, 17, and Alexandro Treviño, 18, argued with her stepfather about the violation of the naive’s personal space.

A fight ensued and the two teenagers were armed with brass knuckles and hit the perverted father multiple times.

Texas brothers beat stepfather Gabriel Quintanilla to death

After beating his father with brass knuckles, they chased Quintanilla a few steps further and tracked him down in a Dodge vehicle belonging to their 18-year-old family friend, Juan Melendez.

A second altercation occurred and the father was already seriously injured. The 42-year-old tried to get away from the teens, only to be attacked a third time and then taken away to be dumped in a remote farm field.

Gabriel Quintanilla on arrest warrant for s*xual abuse and assault on his daughter

After his daughter shared the disturbing experience of abuse with someone close to her on January 20, 2022, initial investigation and reporting charges were filed against Gabriel.

He had an arrest warrant for his sexual abuse of another minor child.

The police department shared the report on January 23 and the chief or chief of the PD, Juan González, was involved in the approach.

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