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What You Don’t Know About Hollis Jane Andrews: Wiki, Bio, Age,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Hollis Jane Andrews

Hollis Jane Andrews Wiki

                                       Hollis Jane Andrews Biography

Who is Hollis Jane Andrews?

Hollis Jane Andrews is an actress living in Los Angeles, Andrews took to Twitter and wrote: “In 2013, I interviewed a family of Scientologists (unknown to me at the time) to have her babysit her. They gave this list of responsibilities absolutely BONKERS and now I give it to all of you. ”

The post titled “Nanny / Housekeeper Magic Hat” came with a purpose: “Keeping children well fed / well asleep and maintaining the house to provide sanity for parents.” The main goal, the ad said, “is to ensure that their basic rudiments * are maintained, so that they do not cry or disturb the rest of the house.” Rudimentos meant “to sleep, eat and drink” according to a footnote.

“If I’m training, I don’t want to hear crying, tantrums or head butting,” the ad warned. “If you get hurt, keep quiet, apply Dianetics and help technology always.” She added: “There should be NO movies, while in her care, turn off your phone while at work.”

Hollis Jane Andrews Age

The age of Hollis Jane Andrews is unknown.

The actress publishes “BONKERS” of the Scientologist family

One actress, Hollis Jane Andrews, took to Twitter to share a job description for the babysitting position for which she had been interviewed in 2013. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the family offering the position were Scientologists.

Developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is a religion – which has often been called cult by its critics – that claims to offer a “precise path that leads to a complete and sure understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and the relationship of one with oneself, family, groups, Humanity, all forms of life, the material universe, the spiritual universe and the Supreme Being ”.

In 2013, I interviewed a family of Scientologists (unknown to me at the time) to be her babysitter. They gave this list of responsibilities absolutely BONKERS and now I give it to all of you. pic.twitter.com/le0rhiBrcg

– Hollis Jane Andrews (@hollis_jane) May 7, 2021

A schedule was also provided documenting the children’s course of the day, which included taking them for a two-hour run at 9 a.m. “Make them run, throw stones and RUN with them, don’t ever let them run … If they are crying and screaming, they are not happy and as a babysitter you have to make them happy again.” It also contained instructions such as “Make sure you behave like a child to them, never seriously”, “Get the horses given apples”, “Tidy up the bathroom, empty the stinky trash” and “Magically transform yourself into a Nazi cleanup.”

Andrews mentioned on Twitter that the job paid $ 13 an hour, adding, “In case it wasn’t clear, I DID NOT take the job the moment I saw the word ‘Dianetics.’ The actress’s IMDb page lists her work on television. She appeared on shows like “Better Things,” “Handicap,” “Mike Tyson Mysteries,” The Monahans and MacGoverns, and “Nobodies.”

On Twitter, many people were equally excited and concerned about her job description. “There’s just … so. A lot. Going. In. But, that cleaning list, which is wonderful, let me tell you, it’s supposed to be completed in 45 MINUTES. It would have emptied the” stinky garbage “into the” bowls. of food “before covering them” with lids. These poor kids, “wrote one Twitter user.

Another user said, “This is crazy! Are these children or dogs? It seems like they are clearly on a ketogenic diet. Why do you need extra protein drinks? Why are the drinks in a bottle? How old are these children? If they are children, I don’t know that I have so many questions. “One user said simply:” Normal behavior of Scientologists. “

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