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Who is Jan Myers?(Jan Myers, Already Charged With Hate-Crime, Tries to Run …) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Victims, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jan Myers

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Who is Jan Myers ?

A 72-year-old woman has agreed to sell her home to pay $45,000 to an Asian woman she called a “slanted eye” during a campaign of racist abuse that also saw her expose herself to the victim’s toddler.

Jan Myers will pay damages to Ti Pham after a years-long hate campaign in which the old white woman also threatened to kill her neighbor. She still faces criminal charges for threatening behavior.

On April 5 of last year, “this racial slurs against Asians turned into threatening behavior,” according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Pham and her husband, Bill Healy.

Myers referred to the neighbor as “slant-eyed” that day and yelled “Hey, Miss Vietnam… You’re not going to live long,” according to the charges, while Pham was gardening in her front yard. The threat to Pham’s life was captured on camera.

Police said the neighbor recorded video documenting the confrontation on her cell phone. In another unrelated incident, filmed by neighbors, Healy claimed Myers even exposed himself to Pham and her 2-year-old son.

Myers was filmed walking as she exposed her private parts.


Myers had previously complained that the neighbors’ cat had defecated on his lawn, police said. In an interview with deputies, she denied threatening or calling the neighbor ‘Miss Vietnam’. Police said the statements “were inconsistent with what the video showed.”

Pham said she filed the lawsuit primarily because she no longer felt alone in her house, according to KING 5. In addition to his wife’s comment, Healy called the harassment “devastating.”

Myers was released on parole after an initial court hearing. She is scheduled to attend an arraignment on April 22.


Attorneys for Pham and Healy described the civil settlement, announced Thursday during a news conference, as a “victory” for their client and a “victory” for every victim of racial harassment who now knows there is a way to punish their victims. aggressors.

“We need to make people who harass people because of their race pay and make the victim pay,” said attorney Jeffery Campiche.

The agreement states that Myers must sell her house within the next six months and that Pham will collect $45,000 from the sale of the house.

Court records do not show which attorney is representing Myers.

If Myers can’t sell his house, then the proceedings in the case will move forward and a jury could decide, Campiche said.

“I am happy that I can live safely in my home without racial harassment,” Pham said. “We expect Jan Myers to honor the agreement and act quickly.”

Myers will also face criminal charges for her actions when a scheduled hearing in the case is held on April 25. Her trial is scheduled for June 8.

Meanwhile, the 72-year-old’s allegations are the latest in a national surge in anti-Asian hate crimes.

This was the 11th hate crime case brought by King County prosecutors this year, with four victims identified as Asian-American and/or Pacific Islander, prosecutors said.

Jan Myers Quick and Facts

  • Ti Pham says her neighbor, Jan Myers, 72, has been behaving erratically and making racist slurs at her for years
  • On April 4, Myers referred to Pham as ‘slant eye,’ and yelled ‘Hey Miss Vietnam… you’re not going to live very long’
  • Pham was gardening on her front lawn when Myers drove by her home and made the remarks
  • In a previous incident, Myers also exposed herself in front of her neighbor and her two-year-old child
  • She was charged with a hate crime on Thursday and told to sell her home within the next six months
  • She has also been ordered to pay Pham $45,000 of the total amount she makes from the home’s sale 

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