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What You Don’t Know About Jessica Gale Patterson (Gas-hoarding woman’s car crashes and bursts into flames fleeing from police – while a Hummer filled with cannisters explodes amid panic )Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jessica Gale Patterson

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Who is Jessica Gale Patterson?

A South Carolina woman who accumulates gasoline suffered burns to her body after her car crashed and caught fire while fleeing police.

Jessica Gale Patterson, 28, was driving through Pickens County in her white Pontiac G6 Thursday night when an officer tried to stop her for a stolen license plate.

Unbeknownst to the police officer, Patterson’s Pontiac was loaded with containers of fuel that she had accumulated amid the current gas crisis caused by the Colonial Pipeline hack.

According to the statement issued by the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, Patterson ‘sped up her vehicle in an attempt to elude police’ before ‘losing control of the car’ and rolled onto the side of the road.

The vehicle caught fire immediately and multiple explosions were heard inside before Patterson exited the burning Pontiac.

“The sheriff pushed Patterson to the ground to put out the flames,” the sheriff’s office stated.

She was subsequently rushed to the hospital, but the severity of her burns has yet to be publicly disclosed.

Patterson has admitted to police that she was accumulating gasoline in the trunk of the car, which they have determined that she was the “catalyst for the explosions.”

A gas-hoarding South Carolina woman has suffered burns to her body after her car crashed and burst into flames while she was fleeing from police.

Across the US, thousands of motorists have been stocking up on gas in recent days after Colonial Pipeline was forced to suspend operations due to the ransomware attack carried out by Russian hackers DarkSide.

More than 10,000 gas stations from New Jersey to Florida have dried up and thousands more are experiencing shortages.

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Experts have warned drivers not to store fuel and store it in the trunks of their cars, claiming it is unsafe.

On Thursday, the accumulation of gasoline caused another vehicle to catch fire in Florida.

How  silver Hummer, which was parked by a gas station in Citrus County, had four 5-gallon fuel cans in the back when it exploded

The silver Hummer, which was parked next to a gas station in Citrus County, had four 5-gallon fuel cans in the back when it exploded.

The driver had reportedly just refilled gas before the accident occurred.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has urged Americans not to stockpile gasoline.

“I know that seeing lines at pumps or service stations without gas can be extremely stressful, but this is a temporary situation,” he said.

“Panic buying will only slow down the process.”

While the Colonial Pipeline has resumed operations, it could take two weeks for fuel supplies to return to normal.

Jessica Gale Patterson Quicks and Facts

The Colonial Pipeline hack has caused gas shortages in the southeastern US.
Motorists have been stockpiling fuel as thousands of gas stations dry up
But experts have warned against drivers storing spare gasoline containers inside their cars, citing safety concerns.
On Thursday, a South Carolina woman was left with burns after her car crashed and caught fire because she had gasoline cans in the trunk.
On the same day, a Hummer in Florida also exploded because its driver had accumulated 20 gallons of gasoline in the trunk.

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