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Who is Jonty Bravery?(Boy, nine, who was severely injured after being thrown 100ft off Tate Modern balcony) Wiki,Bio,Age, Attempt Murder,Arrest,Instagram,Twitter& Quick Facts

Jonty Bravery

Jonty Bravery Wiki

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Who is Jonty Bravery?

The boy who was thrown from the 10th floor of London’s Tate Modern art gallery has been able to celebrate his birthday with other children for the first time since the attack.

The young Frenchman was six years old when he was seriously injured when he fell after autistic teenager Jonty Bravery threw him from the top of the tourist attraction in August 2019.

Bravery grabbed the young man and threw him from an overlook in the gallery to the ground about 100 feet below.The boy suffered life-changing injuries, but he has been slowly getting better in France.


‘They had a great afternoon together, despite their differences in mobility.”

“It was exhausting for us, but it was a step closer to a classic life, and it’s worth it.”He was able to return to school last May, shortly after his parents said his “lives were in shambles” after the attack.

They feared that his son would never walk again and that the psychological damage from the trauma would stay with him for the rest of his life.’How can you explain to a child that someone deliberately tried to kill him?’ they asked.

The boy moves his left ankle, has strengthened his back and even tried to use the school cafeteria, but he is still very sensitive to noise.

He complained of having an earache after the dining room meal and next week his occupational therapist will lend him noise-canceling headphones to see if he can help calm his eardrums when needed.

Attempt Murder

Bravery was convicted of attempted murder in 2019 and jailed for 15 years.

He was living in subsidized accommodation in Northolt, west London, at the time of the strike and had a history of violence against staff.

Despite this, he was allowed to leave the house, unsupervised, for up to four hours at a time.

In April 2019, Bravery punched a Burger King restaurant caretaker and staff member during a supervised trip to Brighton.

After his arrest, he assaulted a custodial officer and urinated in the waiting room.


Last year, police again arrested Bravery on suspicion of raping a man in prison. Bravery is alleged to have attacked a man in his 30s in the shower block.

When he was first prospected for the attempted murder in 2020, a court granted Bravery anonymity due to his age — he was only 17 when he threw the boy off the balcony — but the warrant expired when he complied. 18 years.


In a post on a GoFundMe page, which has raised more than €353,000  for the boy’s treatment and rehabilitation, his family said: “Our son was able to invite classmates and even one of his friends from our old town was able to come!

Quick Facts

  • The youngster was six years old when he was thrown some 100ft from a balcony
  • The French boy suffered life changing injuries but has been slowly improving
  • ‘How can one explain to a child that someone deliberately tried to kill him?’ his parents asked, referring to autistic teenager Jonty Bravery jailed for 15 years

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