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Who is Julie Ann Budge?(Southern Utah woman arrested for DUI, automobile homicide in crash that killed 2 cyclists ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Julie Ann Budge

Julie Ann Budge Wiki

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Who is Julie Ann Budge ?

In an affidavit, police said the suspect, identified at Julie Ann Budge, 47, was driving a Hyundai Genesis, which struck the riders.

A Utah woman who hit two brothers who were riding bicycles before leaving the scene blamed her irritable bowel syndrome for causing the fatal accident.

Julie Ann Budge, 47, told officers she had been taking various medications to treat a number of medical issues, including irritable bowel, which caused her to “poop on herself without warning,” she told the police. policeman.

The condition, she claims, caused her to likely lose control of her vehicle and crash into the cyclists, who were competing in the St. George Spring Tour.

The cyclists were near Washington, 300 miles south of Salt Lake City, at noon Saturday when Budge’s Hyundai suddenly veered into the bike lane and crashed into both of them.

A Utah woman allegedly crashed her car into two brothers who were participating in a bike race. The remains of part of the bicycles lay strewn on the Utah highway on Saturday.
Budge explained to officers how she had been behind the wheel when she “began pooping uncontrollably while she was driving, so she swerved,” arresting documents seen by the state of KUTV.

According to her reports, she told police that she knew she had hit the two people, but that she was unable to stop her car.


A witness at the scene of the crash told a very different version of events, saying “it appeared that Julie had no intention of stopping after hitting the two bicyclists,” the arresting officer wrote.

“The witness maintained that he followed Julie’s vehicle until she stopped and stopped several hundred yards from the accident.”

Attempts were made to save the brothers’ lives, but they did not respond.


The couple were taken to two regional hospitals in St. George, where they both died of their injuries. So far, their identities have not been revealed.

When the police finally caught up with Budge, he failed all field sobriety tests.

Budge claimed that he had been in the hospital on Friday and received fentanyl through an intravenous drip.

Arrest documents indicated that Budge failed field sobriety tests in all fields. An affidavit details how she had previously been convicted of DUI in 2015.

Julie Ann Budge Arrested and Charged

Budge was arrested on suspicion of two counts of motor vehicle manslaughter due to criminal negligence; two counts of failing to stay in an accident involving her death and two counts of DUI with serious bodily injury for negligent operation.

He also faces a misdemeanor charge of reckless driving and a wrongful driving violation in a lane.

Julie Ann Budge Quick and Facts

  • Julie Ann Budge, 47, has been arrested in connection with the deaths of two cyclists who she allegedly hit while driving under the influence on Saturday
  • Budge was booked into Washington County Jail in Utah on two counts of automobile homicide and two counts of DUI with serious bodily injury
  • Budge hit the two men who were from California and were participating in the Spring Tour of St. George timed bike ride
  • Budge told police she had ‘various medical issues’ and had began uncontrollably defecating herself without warning causing her to veer into the bike lane
  • Budge swerved and hit the two cyclists, who she said she didn’t see at the time
  • The pair were unresponsive at the scene after the smash and died in hospital 

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