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Matriarch Kim Plath has been arrested for DUI and property damage in Florida.

The U.S. Sun can confirm that Kim, 50, was arrested on October 20 at 2:08 a.m. m. for driving under the influence of alcohol, property damage and personal injury.

Kim Plath has been arrested for a DUI in Florida.

Arrested and Charged

Wakulla County Corrections confirmed to The U.S. Sun that Kim has been released from custody.

In his mugshot obtained by The U.S. Sun, Kim frowned, as she had tears in her eyes.

Mrkickstand was the first to report the arrest.

The Sun previously reported that Kim was arrested for having an open container of alcohol in a car when she was 19 years old.

Kim was served a citation for “possession of an open container in a motor vehicle” on April 7, 1991, Florida court records show.

Under Florida code, open container refers to an “alcoholic beverage.”


In a previous episode of Welcome to Plathville, she revealed that she grew up with an alcoholic mother.

Kim told her rebellious daughter Moriah: “I grew up with a single mother and an alcoholic. I didn’t have a family. I did not have a home life. I didn’t have a dad

“I had a mom when she was there and she was sober, but for the most part I grew up on my own. I’ve worked really hard to make sure you have a family to grow up with.”

Although Barry and Kim went to college, they have a “bad perspective” on the experience because “it was all about drinking and partying.”

When she visited a college with Moriah, Kim revealed that she was in a sorority.

She said in her confessional: “I went through some tough times in college because of my wildness… Driving when I was drunk and waking up in the car strangely parked on the grass, passed out. You know, taking drugs and driving around town at 3 in the morning.

“I could have died in many different ways when I was in college and by the grace of God I came out of it, and he saved me and I live a different life now. But for me, the best thing would be if she didn’t have to experience all the crap that I experienced.”


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