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Lamale McRae

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The Brooklyn career criminal was arrested in a subway shove caught on video Friday, and the suspect’s relatives say they were so fed up with him they put up signs banning him from their home.

Lamale McRae, who previously served 20 years behind bars for attempted murder, was identified as a suspect in last week’s attack with the help of surveillance footage and facial recognition technology, law enforcement sources said.

The 41-year-old suspect was arrested by the Queens Warrants Squad on Monday near his home in Brooklyn, sources said.

Relatives told The Post they were too tired of McRae’s antics and eventually put up a sign on the stairwell of his Brooklyn building urging anyone who saw him to call the police.

“If you see a brown-skinned guy sleeping [sic] in the hallway, call the police because he is trespassing,” the sign reads.

McRae’s cousin said the last straw for the family was when he allegedly stole $50 from them.

Lamale McRae Arrested and Charged

Lamale McRae is escorted by police officers on Monday, October 24, 2022.

She said her mother wrote the note banishing McRae, who has been arrested a total of more than two dozen times.

“He’s gone,” said her cousin, who gave only her first name, Kay. “Something is wrong with him. That’s why he can’t stay here. He has been out for two years.

She said that McRae even once attacked the local mail carrier.

“The postman was so scared they changed the route,” Kay said. “He pinned down the postman. It was so bad that we couldn’t get mail for a whole month.”

She said her cousin has a psychological history that worsened when her mother died of dementia about two years ago.

“He needs to be medicated,” Kay said of McRae. “He was at Woodhull [Brooklyn Medical and Mental Health Center], but they let him go.”

Still, the relative said she was shocked to learn her cousin is accused of pushing a stranger onto the train tracks and said the incident was “not in her character, period.

“He was a good person and he just flipped out of nowhere,” Kay said.

But a neighbor said McRae had been acting strange for the past few years.

“It’s not like there weren’t things that led up to this,” the resident said. “He had some incidents attacking cars out front. He was mad at the cars or whatever.

“But it’s very sad,” added the woman.

McRae was charged with unprovoked assault on homeless man David Martin, who was waiting for an L train to go to work at a trendy Manhattan restaurant when he was attacked, police and his family said.

McRae previously served nearly two decades in prison for a 1997 attempted murder and robbery in the Bronx, which was committed when he was around 17 years old, according to sources and police records. He was paroled in the case in May 2018.

The suspect was taken into custody for the crime last week shortly before 11:30 a.m. Monday and charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and stalking. He was due to be processed Monday night.


The violent attack on Friday afternoon, which left Martin bruised and battered, is just the latest example of the recent spike in traffic crime in the Big Apple.

Martin’s mother, Audrey, told The Post on Sunday that her son was shocked by the shocking attack caught on video at the Wycoff and Myrtle avenues station around 2:40 p.m.

Surveillance footage shows the brute waiting for him on the other side of the platform, then charging at Martin and pushing him onto the tracks before fleeing.

Martin’s mother said the attack left her son so distraught that he doesn’t want to leave the house.

“He’s in a lot of pain,” Audrey Martin said. “His shoulder is completely shot. His back is completely shot. His armpit is completely shot.

Compounding the family’s crisis is the fact that his son doesn’t have health insurance, she said.

Other recent traffic attacks include an assault Sunday on a 62-year-old commuter, who was randomly punched and thrown onto the tracks at a Bronx station in what police said may have been part of an “elimination game.” , a social media challenge where people are urged to beat up strangers.

A retired NYPD police officer was punched on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn last week in an incident also linked to violent “gambling.”

Last week, a 26-year-old man was also randomly pushed onto the tracks at a Bronx station, while a 48-year-old man was struck during a dispute in Queens and crashed into the path of a train, hitting him him and him. he killed him, police said.

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