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Who is Leon Mccaskie?(Mother-of-two and her violent ex-husband who stabbed her to death in the street before have-a-go-hero driver tried ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Leon Mccaskie

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Who is Leon Mccaskie ?

The knife-wielding ‘monster’ who brutally stabbed a 43-year-old woman to death in Maida Vale before a car killed him is revealed to be her ex-husband, who had ‘harassed and bullied’ her for the three years since their divorce. , MailOnline may disclose.

Relatives of Yasmine Wafah Chkaifi have claimed that Leon Mccaskie, 41, abused the mother of two during their two-year marriage.

After their divorce three years ago, Ms. Chkaifi, a mature student of Moroccan descent, obtained a restraining order against McCaskie and installed a panic alarm in her apartment because she was too afraid of her ex-husband, one of her sons said.

The son, who asked not to be identified

The son, who asked not to be identified, also accused Scotland Yard of “doing nothing” to help Miss Chkaifi in the years leading up to yesterday’s horrific murder in Chippenham Road, northwest London, despite repeated warnings about McCaskie.

In response to the allegation, Met Police said: “A Stalking Prevention Order had been obtained against the deceased man, there will of course be further review by the Met NPTD Professional Standards Directorate.”

Bystanders tried to stop McCaskie after he lunged at Miss Chkaifi around 9 a.m. yesterday and stabbed her more than ten times. But the savage attack was only stopped when a passing motorist struck the man with a knife on the pavement and also struck the mother of two. Police said last night that a 26-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder.

“It was a very abusive relationship that got worse after the divorce. This man continually harassed and intimidated my mother. He made her life hell,’ the son told MailOnline.

He added: ‘I was always in contact with the police but they did nothing to help here. There was even a panic alarm installed in our apartment; that’s how scared she was of this man. He was a monster.


Ms Chkaifi’s relatives also praised the motorist who tried to stop the attack. Ella’s cousin Hafiza said: ‘He is a hero and our family would like to meet him to express our gratitude. She was driving by, saw a woman being attacked and tried to stop her.

‘This man should not be arrested but rewarded for his bravery. He tried to save Wafah’s life and we can never forget what he has done.

Laying flowers at the crime scene today, Haida, Miss Chkaifi’s heartbroken aunt, said she was the mother of two sons aged 16 and 18.

She said: ‘She had a heart of gold, she was a beautiful and wonderful girl. She had friends from all cultures and we are still trying to understand what this is all about. The whole family is shocked. Her mother has been taken to hospital because of this. She has devastated us all.

Earlier, her son tearfully said, “She didn’t deserve to die, please keep her in her prayers.” Everyone who knew her knew that she was a good person.

The man, who did not want to give his name, added: ‘The driver had them both under his car, the boy and the girl. Two old men and I had to lift the car and get the body out of it. We were giving him CPR but he had stab wounds everywhere. We couldn’t stop the blood.

Raad Jiyad, who also witnessed the bloodbath, said: “I woke up to take my son to school and heard a noise, someone saying ‘Please help me, please help me’.” I opened the door and saw a girl on the street on the ground and a guy with a knife.

The 52-year-old father of two ran off to try to distract the attacker who he said was brandishing a 4-inch kitchen knife. Another bystander who tried to intervene was chased away by the slasher.


Jiyad said the man sat on top of his victim, yelling “take it” and “nobody come at me” as he repeatedly stabbed her.

Witnesses said the attacker was trapped under the vehicle and the woman was also beaten, with her coat caught under a wheel.

The incident occurred on Chippenham Road, which has an average house price of £497,000 and features a terraced row of traditional terraced houses, mostly now converted into apartments, as well as a park including a children’s playground.

Neighborhood roads were closed with buses 31, 36, 228 and 328 all on detour.

Westminster North Labor MP Mrs Buck, whose election address is just 200 yards away, tweeted: “Horrible events this morning on Elgin Avenue, which will be devastating to the family and friends of those killed and also to the local community”.

Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Neil Smithson said earlier: “An incredibly serious incident unfolded in the Westminster area this morning in which two people were declared dead.” Our officers are on scene and are working to establish exactly what happened.

‘As soon as we have more information we will keep the public updated, but for now we must avoid speculation and allow the researchers to do their job.

“What I can say at this point is that the incident is contained and we do not believe there is a major threat to the community. We have already spoken to several people, but anyone else who witnessed the incident or has information that could help us is urged to get in touch immediately.


“We dispatched a number of resources to the scene, including two ambulance crews, two clinical team leaders, an advanced paramedic, two tactical response units, a drive-in medic, an incident response officer and members of our emergency response team. response in hazardous areas.

We also send the London Air Ambulance by road. Despite the efforts of our doctors, two people died at the scene.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman said: “Firefighters were called to a traffic collision on Chippenham Road in Maida Vale this morning. A car collided with a pedestrian and a man was trapped under the vehicle.

Crews freed him from under the car, but he was sadly pronounced dead at the scene. Another woman was also sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

The brigade was called at 9:10 a.m. and the incident ended for firefighters at 9:47 a.m. Two fire trucks from North Kensington and Paddington Fire Stations and a fire rescue unit from Paddington Fire Station were on scene.

The incident occurred at the junction of Chippenham Road and Elgin Avenue, which is four blocks from the BBC’s famous Maida Vale studios.

Quick and Facts

  • The ‘monster’ knifeman who stabbed a 43-year-old woman to death in Maida Vale was her ex-husband 
  • Yasmine Wafah Chkaifi’s family claimed that Leon Mccaskie, 41, abused the mother-of-two during marriage
  • After their divorce, the ex-husband ‘harassed and intimidated’ her but Met Police ‘did nothing’ to help
  • They also praised ‘hero’ motorist who was arrested on suspicion of murder after running over the attacker   
  • Bystanders had tried to stop knifeman after he pounced on 43-year-old victim, stabbing her over 10 times  

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