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Who is Lucas Lillar?(Substitute California teacher is caught on camera slamming eighth-grader’s pro-police Blues Lives Matter face mask ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lucas Lillar

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Who is Lucas Lillar ?

A substitute teacher was caught on camera reprimanding a teenage student, the son of two California police officers, for wearing a Blue Lives Matter American flag face mask in support of police.

Lucas Lillar, 13, an eighth grader at Lyman Gilmore High School in Grass Valley near Sacramento, was filmed by another student as the unidentified substitute teacher reprimanded him in front of the class for wearing the cloth mask, which has a thin layer. blue line.


‘That’s not the American flag, that’s the new Confederate flag,’ the teacher is heard shouting as Lucas tries to defend himself last Monday.

“It’s the thin blue line,” the teenager tries to explain.

‘No, it’s black, white with a blue line,’ continues the teacher.

“It’s the thin blue line,” Lucas repeats once more.

‘Yes, but he’s not American!’ the substitute teacher argues again.

The classroom confrontation came after several high-profile killings of police officers from coast to coast. In California, LAPD officer Fernando Arroyo was shot and killed during an armed robbery last month, while New York City has mourned two police officers who were killed while responding to a domestic violence call.

The Fraternal Order of Police argues that violence directed at law enforcement officers is skyrocketing, with 32 police officers injured and 11 killed in shootings in January alone.

The teacher scolded him telling him it was the ‘new Confederacy flag

The entire encounter in the classroom was caught on cellphone video, which Lucas later showed to his father and stepmother, both police officers.

“He was extremely angry and heartbroken, that this … that he had to deal with it,” his stepmother, Amanda McCallum, told CBS News.

‘These issues must be left at the door. The school is meant to educate our children in a safe environment and I don’t feel like this was a safe environment, but it should be. We are trusting these people in authority, these teachers with our children,” McCallum said.

“We are in a time where we are so divided that we must learn to be kind and respect each other.”

Lucas was equally shocked by the incident, saying, “Nobody ever spoke to me like that, yelled at me in the face, especially a teacher.”

Lucas and his stepmother shared their story with the local Sacramento TV station.

Grass Valley School District Superintendent Andrew Withers says the school board is now investigating the incident further.

‘California Education Code 44953 allows immediate termination of a substitute teacher. Our district expects all educators to perform their duties with the utmost respect and professionalism.’

The Thin Blue Line flag has been around since 1922, when New York Police Commissioner Richard Enright used it as part of a public relations effort.

Recently, the symbol has come to represent opposition to the racial justice movement.

The symbol gradually gained popularity, particularly among law enforcement and police supporters.

But in recent times, white supremacist groups have appropriated the symbol and started flying the thin blue line flag, agitating those it was supposed to promote.

The blue line represents the police who maintain the line between chaos, crime, civil unrest and public peace. The symbol has never been one of hate, white supremacy, or any other form of criminality,” explains Law Enforcement Today.

“Sadly, political activist groups, such as Black Lives Matter, equate the symbol as one of hate and racism. They and those with their train of thought are demanding that the symbol be erased from existence, which has even led some departments of police to ban the thin blue line.


Patrick Yoes, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said in a statement last month that rising crime across the country has led to an increase in violence against officers.

“As crime rates continue to rise, violence directed at law enforcement officials skyrockets,” he said. “I have worked in law enforcement for 36 years, and the current level of violence directed at our law enforcement officers is the worst I have ever seen.”

There were 32 officers shot and 11 killed in January 2022, according to the Armed Violence Archive. By comparison, in January 2021 and 2020, 17 police officers were shot.

Los Angeles Police Department officer Fernando Arroyos

Los Angeles Police Department officer Fernando Arroyos, 27, was shot and killed Monday night while searching a house with his off-duty girlfriend on the south side of Los Angeles in an attempted robbery. navy.

Among them was Los Angeles Police Department officer Fernando Arroyos, 27, who was shot and killed in an attempted armed robbery in early January.

He was found by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in an alley on the city’s south side after they responded to a call about the shooting. The officers put him in the back of a patrol car and rushed him to the hospital, but he died later that night from multiple gunshot wounds.

Arroyos had just finished several days of patrolling and, on his day off, he had joined his girlfriend ‘in the search for a house, a place to live, a place to buy and invest in the city and in the future of this region. ‘.

The couple had just crossed the street to attend a home viewing when three armed suspects arrived. The off-duty officer, who was in civilian clothes, yelled at his girlfriend to run back to the car, before exchanging gunfire with the suspects.

Despite his young age, Arroyo was said to be a “promising officer” and had already served with the Los Angeles Police Department for three years before his death.

He ‘he had a promising future. A bright future that was slimily snatched away by a street robbery,” Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore said.


Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Rex Ingram, responsible for supervising the fallen officer, said Arroyo, who graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in legal studies, was “the most humble and happy guy I know at work.” “.

“He could have gone to law school or the FBI like his peers with that education, but he wanted to serve his community and give back,” Ingram told the LA Times. ‘He loved his community…he was very close to his family.

Lucas Lillar Quick and Facts

  • Lucas Lillar, 13, was yelled at by a substitute teacher in front of his class for wearing a Blue Lives Matter face mask at a middle school near Sacramento 
  • The teacher scolded him, telling him it was the ‘new Confederacy flag!’
  • Interaction caught on camera by other students who recorded on their phones
  • Lucas wears the mask because his dad and stepmom are both police officers

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