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Who is Luiz Rulon Hilton ?(Shocking vision shows a man’s Luiz Rulon Hilton violent attack on police and paramedics) Wiki, Bio, Age, Report, Arrest, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Luiz Rulon Hilton

Luiz Rulon Hilton Wiki

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Who is Luiz Rulon Hilton?

Shocking footage shows the moment Luiz Rulon Hilton attacked a paramedic before pushing two police officers on a Gold Coast, Queensland road on September 28, 2020.

A father who assaulted a police officer and a paramedic in the middle of the road after they tried to help his brother’s girlfriend has escaped from jail.

The 34-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of felony assault on a police officer and one count of felony assault on a public official in Southport District Court on Monday.


Police attempted to arrest the brother when Hilton and two other men gathered with officers. Hilton can be heard on body camera footage yelling: ‘That’s my brother!’ while the police arrested the man.

They advised the 34-year-old to “back off” before Hilton lunged at the officers and a fight broke out. The other two men with Hilton fled the scene before he was arrested.

The fight spread to the middle of the road, forcing a vehicle to brake.

Hilton pushed a police officer into the road, causing him to twist his arms.

The other officer, a senior police officer, also suffered sprains and cuts when Hilton pushed him in the face and forced him to the ground.

Paramedic Adam Flory was also shoved in the face during the fight. He told the media outside court that assault was not acceptable.

We are here to help you, we are not here to hurt you. And we don’t want to get hurt while doing our job,” Flory said. “Paramedics generally come to work to do good… It’s not okay to verbally abuse or assault a paramedic.”


The brother reportedly became hostile toward paramedics due to their “delayed response time,” according to the Gold Coast Bulletin. Paramedics were called to Marine Parade in Labrador to help a woman who was the girlfriend of Hilton’s younger brother.

The court heard that Hilton was remorseful for his actions.

His family was reportedly gathered on Marine Parade at the time to commemorate the anniversary of his brother’s death before the commotion developed.Hilton was sentenced to nine months in prison but with immediate parole.

Quick and Facts

  • Luiz Rulon Hilton has avoided jail time after he assaulted police and paramedics

  • Police tried to arrest Hilton’s brother at Labrador on the Gold Coast in Sept 2020

  • It prompted Hilton, 34, to lash out and scuffle with the officers and a paramedic 

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