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Who is Mark Stephen Murphy? (Queensland man sentenced to life in prison for 1996 murder )Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Mark Stephen Murphy

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Who is Mark Stephen Murphy ?

A Queensland man has been sentenced to life in prison after confessing to killing his boyfriend nearly 30 years ago.

Mark Stephen Murphy admitted to killing his roommate, Gregory Thurlow, on October 1, 1996.

Thurlow’s uncle, Ray Thurlow, said Murphy’s sentence would finally close the family.

“It has been 26 years since we lost our son, our brother and our grandson, and today we finally graduated,” he said.

“He was never an angel, but he had a good family and he would have been a good husband and family man if he had the chance.”

The court heard Murphy collect Thurlow from a friend’s house in Bray Park, Moreton Bay, after he complained that Thurlow was drunk and intoxicated.

Murphy, who had also been drugged, began driving Thurlow home.


QC Todd Fuller said that was when Murphy considered killing his friend.

“He began to think that Mr. Thurlow’s behavior had to stop and maybe he would kill him,” Fuller said.

The court heard that Murphy pulled a hammer from his car and hit Thurlow.

Thurlow reportedly managed to escape by running into a nearby compound before getting caught in the barbed wire.

Murphy then knocked him out before throwing him into the trunk.

Hearing moans in the trunk of the car, Murphy pulled over and killed Mr. Thurlow.

The court heard Murphy ask his friends and former partner what to do with his body before finally burying him in the Sunshine Coast State Forest.

Despite suspicions that Murphy was behind Thurlow’s murder, he was not charged until 2020.

Murphy confessed to killing his friend in his cell while awaiting trial.

The judge called the case “a valuable reminder of the consequences of illegal drugs.”

“His actions of his have had a devastating effect on Mr. Thurlow’s family and on his own, his three daughters…one of whom is only nine or ten years old,” Judge Peter Applegarth said.

Murphy is eligible for parole in 13 years.

“It is what it is,” said Ray Thurlow.

“It’s the law of time.”

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