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Who was Merna Kasha?(Teenager’s badly-decomposed body is found at the bottom of a creek bed – believed to be a girl who vanished without a trace a month ago) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Family,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Merna Kasha

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Who was Merna Kasha ?

Police divers began searching a muddy, isolated creek bed for clues after the body of a teenager who had been missing for a month was discovered.

The body, believed to be that of 18-year-old Merna Kasha, was found in a “fairly decomposed” state around 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon at Green Valley Creek in Canley Heights.


Neighbors told the Daily Mail Australia that police invaded their quiet cul-de-sac on Saturday as the creek became the focus of the investigation into Ms Kasha’s disappearance.

“It was chaos, but I didn’t know anything,” said one resident, Mr. Tai. “My wife heard the commotion but we didn’t know it was a body, we thought a house must be on fire.”

Mr. Tai was surprised to learn from a group of young shopkeepers working next door that a body had been discovered in the creek behind his house.

It’s so shallow down there. All mud and rubbish like carts. It gets dirty when it doesn’t rain,’ he said.


But significant rains in recent weeks have helped fill the creek, and police divers were called to the scene Monday morning to help with the investigation.

A police source said the body was “fairly decomposed” after an extended period in the elements.

“The body was found in a stream after some pretty harsh weather conditions,” the source said.

It’s a really sad situation.

The police made a final request for information on Ms. Kasha’s disappearance last week. It’s unclear if any new information came to light behind that appeal that led to this development.

Kasha was last seen being dropped off by a relative on Kihilla St in the western Sydney suburb of Fairfield Heights around 8pm. m. on Thursday, April 28.


Her family was informed that the discovery was probably made by the teenager.

She was last seen just 10 minutes from the creek bed around 8:00 p.m. m. on Thursday, April 28, when she was getting out of a car.

The police will investigate how Ms. Kasha got to the creek. Her body was found at the end of a cul-de-sac and on the opposite side of a walking path that follows the water’s edge.

It is bordered by dense bushes and trees that significantly reduce visibility.

The entire area remains cordoned off by police while the investigation continues.

Emergency services were called to Green Valley Creek on Pitt St, Canley Heights, around 2 p.m. the Saturday after her body was discovered.

“Officers from the City of Fairfield Police Area Command attended and established a crime scene, which has been forensically examined,” police said.

‘The body has yet to be formally identified, but is believed to be that of a missing woman from the Fairfield area.

“Detectives have begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death, while a post-mortem examination will be conducted to confirm her identity and determine her cause of death.”

During her missing person appeal, police said Ms Kasha regularly used public transport and was known to associate in the Fairfield Heights and Liverpool areas.

The post about her disappearance on the NSW Police Facebook page received messages of support for the family.

One person commented ‘very sad news, I hope she is safe and very soon our prayers are with you Feryal… I hope God helps you find your beautiful daughter’.

“WOW that was a while ago that would be terrible for her family doesn’t sound good pray for a good outcome,” another added.

While a third person commented ‘she disappeared for a whole month and is she posting about it now?… I hope she is found safe and sound’.

Merna Kasha Quick and Facts

  • Merna Kasha, 18, disappeared from her home in Sydney’s west on April 28
  • Police believe a body found in Green Valley Creek belongs to the teenager
  • The body is yet to be formally identified as the coroner conducts a post-mortem

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