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Who is Mollie Griffin?(Never gonna dance again! Moment clubber gyrating to George Michael’s Careless Whisper is knocked out ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Mollie Griffin

Mollie Griffin Wiki

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Who is Mollie Griffin ?

This is the moment a woman slides off the table she was dancing on and hits her head on a bench, before another reveler lands on top of her, knocking her unconscious for two minutes.

Mollie Griffin, 21, caught the spectacular fall, which did not seriously injure the partygoer, at a raucous Bongo’s Bingo event at Manchester’s Albert Hall on Sunday.

The bizarre incident occurred around 15 minutes after the group was warned about the rowdy behavior, venue bosses said.


The video features a variety of revelers partying to the tune of George Michael’s Careless Whisper.

A woman, dressed in black, then slips and loses her balance, sending her to the ground.

However, before reaching the ground, her head collides with full force against the opposite bench seat.

Shortly after impact, another woman in a gray dress to the woman’s left, who was also dancing on the table, also falls off the bench.

The punter then adds another heavy blow to the first woman by landing directly on her head.

The second person stands up and reveals the first woman lying completely unconscious on the ground.

Fortunately, a friend of the woman later confirmed that the punter was fine after the fall.

NHS worker Mollie shared the video on TikTok yesterday and wrote: ‘Urm is she dead she?’

The post has now racked up over 1.2 million views with over 64,500 likes and 7,000 shares, with thousands of comments expressing concern for the girl.

Speaking today, Mollie from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire said: ‘It was getting to the end of the night, the bingo was winding down.

“They were playing good songs, so they were all dancing on the benches with their drinks and glow sticks, and then all of a sudden these two girls fell over and one ended up on her face.

“Of course the video ended and I jumped straight to help as that is the caring assistant instinct in me.

“It was funny and shocking at first, but then after noticing that she wasn’t moving or waking up, she panicked and everyone ran to help her.”

Her workers there and her friend picked her up and pulled her out, but she was definitely knocked out for at least two minutes.

“Everyone was trying to pick her up and get her off of her, but she was unconscious for quite some time.


“I made it clear to her that she needs to stay on the floor and stay still because she could have a head injury from hitting her head on the bench, then the floor, and then her friend falling on her head.

She “she kept her on the floor until she noticed her and then the security workers at the venue came over and helped her up and she and her friend left.”

A spokeswoman for Albert Hall Manchester said today: “The woman was a bit shocked, upset and trying to be left alone.

“At her request, we did not call an ambulance, she was conscious and breathing and she walked out of the scene, so we believe she was okay.”

“Our venue manager checked her out and advised her to go to A&E.

“The group had been warned about the rowdy behavior and told to calm down 15 minutes before the incident.”

Mollie Griffin Quick and Facts

  • Mollie Griffin, 21, captured the spectacular fall at Bongo’s Bingo in Manchester
  • Venue bosses said group of women were earlier warned about rowdy behaviour
  • Security staff eventually helped her to her feet after being knocked out cold
  • She was advised to go to A&E but is not thought to have suffered serious injuries

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