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Who is Mustafa Kayirici?(Paedophile ice addict who brutally raped SIX women and a 13-year-old girl ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Mustafa Kayirici

Mustafa Kayirici Wiki

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Who is Mustafa Kayirici ?

Mustafa Kayirici, 31, was sentenced to 34 years in prison last August for the terrifying five-hour s*xual assault of a boy that took place at 10 locations in 2016.

The disgusting s*xual monster had already been sentenced to 38 years for the rape and robbery of seven other escorts that same year.

Corrective Services NSW confirmed that Kayirici, who had been battling an incurable illness, died on Tuesday in the secure prison annex at Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital.


“He was found unconscious in his cell and pronounced dead at 10:25 a.m.,” they wrote in a statement.

NSW Correctional Services and NSW Police are investigating the incident.

As he died in custody, the incident will be the subject of a coronary investigation.

Last year, the convicted pedophile was given 12 months to live after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been undergoing chemotherapy in prison.

Last year, a judge at Sydney’s Downing Central District Court deemed Kayirici so evil that his final sentence would not take effect until September 2041.

If he had survived, he would not have been eligible for release until 2066, when he would be 76 years old.

Kayirici’s rampage began on the morning of May 7, 2016, when he raped a s*x worker in an apartment block in Sydney’s CBD while threatening her with a butcher knife.

Later that afternoon, he met another escort in Parramatta, where he carried out a similar attack.

She said the predator tattooed on her face was “aggressive and dominant” and called her a sl*t before he spat in her eye, beat her and brutally raped her.

“I had to fight for my life,” he said.

Kayirici told her that “he loved seeing the fear in people when they can’t do anything about it,” she said.

Just a week later, he robbed another s*x worker at knifepoint in her Parramatta apartment and then robbed another woman in her home in the same suburb on May 20.

Kayirici pulled a butcher knife on Dasha Volnoukhin

On May 27, Kayirici pulled a butcher knife on Dasha Volnoukhin, a 22-year-old Canadian model and escort living in Parramatta.

Gruesome CCTV footage showed him walking her through the lobby of the Fiori apartments in Parramatta and towards the elevator before her murder.

Ms. Volnoukhin never saw her abuser suffer the consequences of her depraved acts, as she died in the months before her sentencing hearing.

Her cause of death cannot be legally published.

“I was wearing shorts and a tank top at the time and then I started taking my clothes off because I thought if I didn’t I would probably die.” He was so scared.’

The young woman also said in her police statement that Kayirici filmed himself s*xually assaulting her as she asked him ‘do you like being raped?’

“The man was pointing the phone at me…then he started demanding me to say things…he was like, ‘Say you’re a sl*t.'”

The rape ended after three or four minutes, Volnoukhin said, before Kayirici stole her day’s earnings and stormed off.


Just three days after the brutal attack on Ms. Volnoukhin, Kayirici dressed and raped another s*x worker at knifepoint.

On June 19, Kayirici raped another woman in a Parramatta apartment block, calling her a “little dog”.

Her crime spree would continue on June 26, when she lured a 13-year-old boy into her car.

She then took the teen to an underground parking garage where he forced her to strip naked and made her watch pornographic videos.

He told her that she was going to be ‘raped one day or another’, before forcing her to perform s*xual acts and threatening her with a knife when she refused.

Kayirici gave the girl $5, apologized to her before threatening to post the videos

Kayirici then took the teen to the basement of a unit block and forced her to perform another series of s*xual acts.

She even tried to get her to find another young woman to join them as the pair drove to 10 different locations, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The couple went to a supermarket to buy duct tape and razor blades and the teenager tried to make eye contact with one of the staff, the court heard.

Kayirici then scolded the girl for trying to catch him.

She then repeatedly raped her in her car before leaving her at the Auburn train station.

Kayirici gave the girl $5, apologized to her before threatening to post the videos she made of her if she told anyone.

“If you tell anyone, I’ll post those videos,” she said, she was told in court.

‘How would you like your father to see that…? I can take it into account.’

The teen said in a victim impact statement that the girl sometimes felt she would be “better off dead” and she felt constant fear and humiliation because of the attack.

The litany of s*xual assaults over the harrowing six-week period resulted in Kayirici being found guilty on 42 counts in two separate trials, including 12 counts of aggravated s*xual assault with a person under the age of 16 and 12 counts of using a minor child. 14 years to produce a child. abuse material.

Quick and Facts

  • A sadistic rapist who terrorised Sydney during a six-week crime spree in 2016 died in prison on Tuesday  
  • Mustafa Kayirici was sentenced to 34 years in jail last year on top of the 38-year term he was already serving
  • The s*x monster raped seven women including a 13-year-old schoolgirl by threatening them with a knife

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