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What You Don’t Know About Nathan Blagg?(Chelsea fan is jailed for sending tweets saying ‘Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Nathan Blagg

Nathan Blagg Wiki

                                           Nathan Blagg Biography

Who is Nathan Blagg ?

A Chelsea fan has been jailed for eight weeks for posting anti-Semitic and racist tweets directed at Tottenham fans, including photos from Auschwitz and a man giving a Nazi salute.

Nathan Blagg, 21, who told police the tweets were ‘jokes between friends’, was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to seven counts of sending offensive messages between September 29, 2020 and February 5. .

District Judge Michael Hamilton told Blagg that only immediate custody would be an appropriate punishment for the “abhorrent and wildly offensive” tweets.

Nathan Blagg Age ?

He is 21 year old.

Nathan Blagg, 21, who told police the tweets were ‘banter between mates

He said: ‘Frankly, the content of these messages was despicable.

“References to the Holocaust and other matters cannot, under any point of view, be classified as a joke.”

Prosecutor David Roberts said the tweets about Tottenham were more offensive in the context of “a history of association with the Jewish community.”

Blagg, described as a lifelong Chelsea supporter, posted a photo of the train tracks leading to the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp on Twitter with the message: ‘The Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz,’ the Magistrates Court heard. Westminster.

Another post showed a false image of former health secretary Matt Hancock holding a microphone saying the same words.

Other tweets included a photograph and video of the Nazi salutes, and a message referring to the German phrase adopted by Adolf Hitler’s party read: “Sieg Heiling in my living room as we speak.”


Blagg’s tweets were investigated by Chelsea’s security team, who turned them over to police, after they were spotted by a West Brom fan.

Officials from the Central Soccer Unit of the Metropolitan Police arrested him in February and he was charged with a postal requisition.

Since then, Blagg, who had a season ticket, has been banned from attending games, the club heard.

Maeve Thornton, who represents Blagg, who works in road construction and lives at home with her parents, told the court that she has a “lack of maturity.”

She added that Blagg, of Retford, Nottinghamshire, had withdrawn from Twitter and was “deeply regretful.”

Ms Thornton said: ‘It is clear that you have taken responsibility for your actions, I feel that your risk is significantly reduced and the probation report indicates that there is a very low risk that you will reoffend in the future and it also indicates to me same that this crime would not be committed again.

Quick and Facts

  • Nathan Blagg jailed for posting anti-Semitic tweets aimed at Tottenham fans
  • He said tweets, including photos of Auschwitz, were ‘banter between mates’ 
  • Blagg was sentenced to eight weeks in prison after pleading guilty to charges

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