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Who is Nina Rothchid?(NYC Health Department scientist, 58, who was bludgeoned with hammer 13 times by ex-con at Queens subway station blames ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Nina Rothchid

Nina Rothchid Wiki

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Who is Nina Rothchid ?

A New York City Department of Health scientist who was viciously attacked with a hammer before being kicked down the stairs of a Queens subway station by an ex-convict blamed the state’s bail reforms for the harrowing experience. and says that he is now too afraid to take the subway to work.

Nina Rothchild, 58, spoke out this week for the first time since the brutal Feb. 24 attack, telling NBC New York’s Melissa Russo in an interview on Wednesday that she still has a hard time walking, she’s tired of strangers on the street and has no immediate plans. her to resume use of New York City’s crime-plagued subway system.

William Blount Arrested and Charged

William Blount, 57, was arrested in late February in connection with the hammer attack and charged with attempted murder, robbery and assault.

He pleaded not guilty to criminal charges against him last week and was ordered to remain in jail without bail. Blount’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 11.

Speaking to NBC, Rothchild recounted the attack, which he said he “sadly” remembers in its entirety.

“I never saw my attacker, but I remember starting down the subway stairs and feeling this hit to the head, which I initially thought was a baseball bat,” he recalled. “He kept yelling, ‘Stop, stop, stop’… which was totally and utterly useless.”

The veteran public health official added that his assailant never said a word to him as he hit her with a hammer more than a dozen times and grabbed his bag.

Rothchild was able to call for help, and two NYPD officers standing on a train platform below heard her screams and ran to the scene.

“Having them there on the platform and responding to my call for help was nothing short of miraculous,” he said.

Recalling the attack a month later, Ella Rothchild said she was taken aback by the suspect’s decision to resort to violence.

“Looking back, I think, why did he have to hit me over the head with a hammer 14 times, when he could have just asked me for my bag or show me the hammer and say, ‘If you do’ If you give your bag, I’ll stick with this,” he wondered.


The hammer attack came just a week after New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced his Subway Safety Plan initiative and deployed an additional 1,000 officers, as well as teams of health care workers, to take crack down on the rise in subway crime.

The plan comes after a series of recent crimes committed by homeless people, including a break dancer who was stabbed by a homeless man last Thursday and the murder of Michelle Go, where last month the woman of 40 years old was pushed under a train by a man. homeless man with a history of mental illness.

Adams has previously pleaded with lawmakers in Albany to reconsider controversial bail reform laws that would allow judges to consider whether a person is dangerous before releasing them from jail.

But Democratic leaders have repeatedly rejected the mayor’s request and said they will not act to change the law, according to the Post.

Adams said he wants to see changes to bail reform laws and other criminal justice measures, claiming they will lower crime rates in the city and reduce gun violence.

In February, Adams outlined his plans for the city’s bail laws, which often allow suspects to roam the streets within hours of an arrest.

‘Let’s get rid of the cash bail system, because you shouldn’t be able to get out of jail just because he can bail you out. Let’s remove that. Judges should look at the case in front of them and say, ‘This person has two arrests for firearms, and he continually tells the people of the city that I don’t care about his safety,’ the mayor said.

“That judge should have the right to decide that this person be detained.”

Nina Rothchild Quick and Facts

  • Nina Rothchild, 58, was pushed down stairs and hit in the head 13 times with a hammer at a subway station in Queens, New York, during botched robbery
  • Suspect William Blount, 57, charged with attempted murder, robbery and assault 
  • More than a month after attack, Rothchild says she is still suffering from effects of assault and is fearful to use the crime-ridden subway system
  • Rothchild, a scientist with NYC Health Department, wants to see New York’s lax bail reform laws that allow criminals to go free without bail changed

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