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Who is Noel Reade?(Teenage thug, 17, nicknamed ‘The Devil’ is jailed for life after he stabbed an ex-Army cadet, 27, to death ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Noel Reade

Noel Reade Wiki

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Who is Noel Reade ?

A teenager nicknamed ‘The Devil’ has been jailed for life by a judge who called him ‘one of the most dangerous 17-year-olds I have ever come across’ after stabbing an innocent man during a rampage with a Rambo knife. .

Noel Reade, 17, was also ordered to be named and shamed after he used a fearsome Rambo III hunting knife to kill 27-year-old Keagan Crimes, who was “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Reade was only 16 at the time and in the midst of creating his own drug empire and was said to be acting ‘like a man possessed’ as he stalked the streets of Winsford, Cheshire, looking to ‘stab everyone in sight’. .

During a confrontation outside a convenience store, he stabbed Mr. Crimes, a 27-year-old former army cadet, through the chest, stabbing and seriously wounding another man who tried to intervene.

Mr Crimes later died in hospital after losing 33 pints of blood. Later, Reade, who leaked a selfie to make it look like she had devil horns, posted a sarcastic ‘RIP Keagan’ on Facebook.


Investigations revealed that the teenager had previously been among a group of youths who repeatedly stabbed a man by telling the youths to “nail” him.

Then, just weeks after the murder and as police hunted the culprit, Reade also terrorized a mother and child at knifepoint during a heinous home robbery in which she said, “I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you.” slice”. ‘

At Chester Crown Court, Reade de Crewe made gang-like hand gestures and blew kisses at friends in the public gallery as he was ordered to serve a minimum of 19 years.

He was found guilty of murder at an earlier hearing, but denied the charge with his attorney claiming he was a “lost boy.”

Sentencing Judge Stephen Everett told Reade: ‘You are one of the most dangerous 17-year-olds I have ever met in my 40 years as a lawyer and a judge. Even at a young age, you are a vicious bully who wants to lead others and use violence.

It was clear that he was grooming himself to be a ringleader, no more, no less, in the drug supply in Winsford. You wanted to be the boss and severe violence had become a normal way of life for you. Everyone else came in a very poor second place.

He added: ‘You thought you were untouchable. RIP Keagan’s post on his Facebook page was not remorse. If you had shown remorse, you would have admitted it. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of thing a gangster would do. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Keagan Crimes was going to attack you, but you stabbed him in a cruel way.


You are a young thug and that is shown by the destruction you have caused in recent years. I don’t want to hear any more about you being a lost little boy, because you definitely aren’t.’

The murder occurred on October 11, 2020 after Reade and four other teens went out looking for two men they suspected of trying to “get into” their drug trade.

Their targets were seen inside the Premier Store and as they desperately tried to keep the front door closed, Reade, brandishing the Rambo knife, was seen kicking him as one of his gang smashed the glass with a hammer.

The two men escaped through the warehouse door, but Reade and his associates regrouped outside the store and a confrontation ensued between them and a group of the two men’s friends that included Mr. Crimes, who was celebrating Reade’s birthday. a friend.

Reade’s gang fled but the teen remained, brandishing the knife at the group and a fight broke out and Mr. Crimes was fatally stabbed. Another man, Jason McQuoid, 36, attempted to use a tree branch to hit Reade, but was stabbed in the left shoulder and chest area. A third man was also stabbed.

An eyewitness said at trial: “I could hear screaming and I saw one of my colleagues jumping a fence at the back of the shops saying ‘they’re trying to stab us’.” When I got to the front of the store, I saw a young man with a knife trying to hit people.

“He was trying to stab everyone in sight of him, like a man possessed, trying to kill anyone.”


In a statement to police, McQuoid, 32, who died after unrelated problems, said: “I was walking towards the chippy and turned the corner and saw Keagan being stabbed.”

I ran to the boy and kicked him and then I was stabbed. He was just a kid and I had never seen him before in my life. He was carrying a big knife, like a zombie knife. I was stabbed because he was helping my partner.

Later, Reade contacted his mother, who arranged for a taxi to pick him up and take him home. Police tracked him down after his DNA was found at the crime scene. In the aftermath of the murder, he had Googled phrases such as ‘does blood wash off shoes?’, ‘Rambo III knives’ and ‘weapons’. He buried the knife and it has never been recovered.

His lawyer Michael Hayton QC said: “During the second half of 2020 he was clearly out of control, but he was still a young man when he committed these crimes.” He was someone who acted like a great man and embarked on a new friendship with those who clearly committed criminal acts.

‘He is someone who is not beyond hope, with a basic intelligence to move forward in life. He may not be an angel and you may not want him to live next door, but we’re suggesting that he was a lost boy.

Two other boys, ages 15 and 16, were given 12-month referral orders at a previous hearing after admitting to a fight.

After the hearing, Mr. Crimes’ mother said in a statement: “Keagan was a terrific boy, loved by all his friends, the life and soul of any gathering.” “The idea that our boy, our Keagan, is no longer here hurts us every day.”

“It’s far worse to know that it was taken from us in such a cruel and unnecessary way, since Keagan was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Det Insp Adam Waller, who led the investigation, said: “Throughout the investigation and trial, Reade has shown no remorse for his actions. Keagan’s family had to sit and listen to harrowing evidence, reliving his final hours that no one should have to hear.

Noel Reade Quick and Facts

  • Noel Reade, 17, used a Rambo III hunting knife to kill 27-year old Keagan Crimes 
  • Reade was only 16 when he carried out the murder acting ‘like a man possessed’
  • Judge called him ‘one of the most dangerous 17-year-olds I’ve ever come across’

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