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Who is Oleksandr Vodoviz?(Ukrainian businessman, 38, swaps his briefcase for a machine gun to join fight defending ‘most dangerous land in Ukraine ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Oleksandr Vodoviz

Oleksandr Vodoviz Wiki

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Who is Oleksandr Vodoviz ?

A top executive at one of Ukraine’s largest companies traded in his expensive business suits for a machine gun as he joins his country’s war effort against Russia.

Until last month, Oleksandr Vodoviz was traveling the world as head of the CEO’s Project Office at mining and steel giant Metinvest.

But now the 38-year-old businessman has joined his country’s burgeoning military, where his job is to guard the entrance to Lviv International Airport, the country’s only remaining operational runway, which has been dubbed “the most dangerous terrain in Ukraine.

Standing in the freezing cold next to his older brother Ruslan, Oleksandr told MailOnline: “The Russian army tried to destroy all the airports and airfields in Ukraine in the first days of the war.

They also tried to destroy the Lviv airport, but our defense system shot down their missiles.

“This is the last airport with an operational runway. This must be the most dangerous terrain in the Ukraine.


As we speak, a family car pulls up next to the sandbags and tank traps blocking the entrance to the former Soviet military airfield.

A middle-aged woman gets out of the vehicle to deliver a bag of groceries to police officers and volunteers from the Territorial Defense Force, like Oleksandr, to keep their spirits high as they risk their lives to defend this piece of land.

Two army trucks packed with heavily armed soldiers and towing light artillery cannon pass through the checkpoint to take up defensive positions around the runway.

In normal times it is a small regional airport with direct flights to Britain and used by Ukrainian families seeking sun on holiday in Spain, Italy, Turkey and Egypt.

But now Lviv International Airport is expected to become the launching pad for the Ukrainian Air Force’s fight against Red Army planes that are killing civilians in their bombing of houses, hospitals and schools.

Until he took up his role in the military, Oleksandr, who has homes in both Geneva and Kiev, spent his days traveling around Europe, looking for ways to grow the Kiev-based company.

Traveling business class and holding meetings in Europe’s best restaurants, Oleksander rubbed shoulders with the world’s richest and most influential investors.

Metinvest employs 150,000 people in Ukraine who convert iron ore into steel used to build bridges, ships, nuclear reactors, national sports arenas and buildings around the world, including London’s Shard.

Oleksandr Vodoviz Quick and Facts

  • Oleksandr Vodoviz, 38, joins Ukrainian militia to guard Lviv airport
  • Last job saw him head up the Project Office at mining and steel giant Metinvest 
  • But Oleksandr has now swapped his briefcase for a machine gun to repel Russia

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