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Who is Oseney da Costa Oliveira?(Two brothers Oseney, 41, and Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, 41, have been arrested) Wiki, Bio, Age, Report, Suspect, Arrest, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Oseney da Costa Oliveira

Oseney da Costa Oliveira Wiki

          Oseney da Costa Oliveira Biography

Who is Oseney da Costa Oliveira?

Oseney da Costa Oliveira, 41, has been in custody in Brazil as the manhunt for the British journalist came to an end after his brother Amarildo da Costa Oliveira was arrested early last week.


Another man was arrested yesterday after Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenous specialist Bruno Pereira went missing in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.

Amarildo, 41, a fisherman, nicknamed ‘Pelado’, was seen by witnesses in a boat following Phillips and Pereira at high speed before he disappeared.

The local police found traces of blood in their boat that are being analyzed, and personal effects of the two disappeared near the house of ‘Pelado’, who was arrested on June 7 and has denied any involvement.They also seized firearm cartridges and an oar, but did not say if they were found in the same place or where the last suspect was detained.

Phillips Family

The families of Phillips, 57, and Pereira, 41, have endured an agonizing wait for news since they both disappeared a week ago on Sunday.They are believed to have been on a trip to Brazil’s Javari Valley, a remote jungle region plagued by illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking.

The search for the couple continued as the mystery surrounding their disappearance was confounded on Monday by conflicting reports about whether their bodies had been found.This prompted the Brazilian ambassador in London to apologize and say that it was “not right” for the couple to be found.


In a statement, police said Oliveira, also known as ‘Dos Santos’, did not resist arrest for ‘suspected aggravated murder’ at his home in Atalaia do Norte, The Guardian was told.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced Monday that human remains had been found in the search, saying “something bad” had been done to them.

“The indications are that something bad was done to them,” Bolsonaro said, stating that “human entrails were found floating in the river, which are now undergoing DNA tests.”But the Brazilian ambassador to the UK, Fred Arruda, has since apologized to the Philips family, according to The Guardian.


However, federal police later said in a statement that reports that Phillips and Pereira’s bodies had been found were incorrect.

The Union of Indigenous Peoples of the Javari Valley (UNIVAJA), which is involved in the search, also denied that two bodies were found.

Police have confirmed that they are analyzing a sample of blood and suspicious human remains found during the search to determine if they are from the missing men. They said that the results of these analyzes are expected ‘during this week’


The first suspect, Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, was arrested after traces of blood were found on his fishing boat along with illegal ammunition.

Blood samples are on their way from the western Vale do Javri region of the Amazon – a vast area the size of Ireland and Wales combined – to government laboratories in the jungle capital of Manaus for analysis.

Meanwhile, a judge authorized the police to continue holding Oliveira, known as ‘Pelado’, for further questioning.

He has pleaded not guilty, saying that he is a fisherman and that the ammunition he was carrying was used for his trade.

Quick Facts

  • Two brothers Oseney, 41, and Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, 41, have been arrested
  • Blood was found on Amarildo’s boat and an oar and firearms were seized 
  • Phillips and Brazilian Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira went missing on June 5
  • It is believed they were travelling on the Itacoai river to Brazil’s Javari Valley
  • The remote region is rife with illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking

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