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Rashawn Anderson

Rashawn Anderson Wiki

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Rashawn Anderson was arrested in Chicago, Illinois, and will face murder charges in the death of the 22-year-old who was shot at Natomas Speedway in August.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Janiah Johnson’s family has closure after Rashawn Anderson was arrested in Chicago, Illinois.

Anderson will face manslaughter charges in the death of the 22-year-old, who was shot at Natomas Speedway in the 2600 block of Gateway Oak on Aug. 3.

San Diego native Janiah, perhaps better known as rapper Niah Jae, was murdered just a week after her 22nd birthday. Her father, Jeremiah Johnson, shared a portion of her daughter’s diary as she pondered why she wanted to rap.

“Why do you want to rap? I like to rap because it is my home when I am lost, when I need comfort or have nowhere to go, ”said Johnson reading his daughter’s diary.


Her family now has a bit of the comfort that she talked about.

“I cry a lot all the time. Sometimes, it’s just little cries. Sometimes they are really big cries, but they are all sad cries. The day Rashawn Anderson got caught was a happy cry, that’s the only happy cry I’m going to share with Janiah,” Nowling said.

The family went to her daughter’s grave to tell her that they had caught him. For Janiah’s grandmother, Regina Davis, it means her granddaughter can finally rest in peace.

“I couldn’t look at the photos of her. I couldn’t think about her because it would hurt too much. It still does, but I can talk about it now. I say, ‘Good morning, Niah. Good night, Niah,” Davis said.

Grandma also plans to get involved with domestic violence outreach resources for young women after what happened to her granddaughter in her honor.

The family says they plan to return to Sacramento for Anderson’s court appearance once he is extradited from Illinois.

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