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Who is Richard Dexter?(Richard Dexter: jail for man who conned woman he met on Tinder out of £141,000 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Richard Dexter

Richard Dexter Wiki

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Who is Richard Dexter ?

A charming scammer has been jailed for over four years after scamming a millionaire he met on Tinder out of £150,000.

Richard Dexter, 38, has been jailed for four years and six months after fraudulently claiming he was a “successful businessman” on the brink of a “huge windfall” to swindle his mistress.

Dexter tricked Middle East-based executive Amrita Sebastian into sending him £141,500 in a series of payments saying they were for investments in biopharmaceutical technology.

He was even telling her ‘fancy’ lies while she was seriously ill in the hospital.

“Well educated and well dressed”, Dexter claimed he had over £4.2 million tied up in an investment account, but it was “complete fiction” and it was his friend’s account and he only had 37 pence in it.


The father-of-two spent Miss Sebastian’s money on a “relatively high life” – including paying £15,000 to a classic car company – and never apologized.

He claimed that international companies 3M and Pall Corp were interested in technological equipment for which he held patents and were willing to sign deals worth up to £12m.

Pall and 3M have never had any contact with Dexter, the court heard.

Dexter convinced Miss Sebastian that she needed capital to start production of scientific equipment: a ‘Bioreactor Paddle’.

He told Miss Sebastian that he “would lose nothing” and that she would pay him £100,000 in interest.

At Portsmouth Crown Court, prosecutor Robert Bryan said

Dexter, who wept during the two-hour, 15-minute hearing, told the court: “I couldn’t put into words what I would say to [Miss Sebastian] if she were here.”

“[I haven’t] had the courage to contact her or put it on paper, but I’m very sorry, to the point where I think about it every day, from the moment I wake up until I go to bed.

I can’t justify myself for what I did.

Dexter’s partner, Hayley Jones, 37, wept and told the court that her boyfriend of three and a half years is a good father.

In sentencing Dexter, Judge Mousley QC said: ‘I am in no doubt that dishonesty is a character trait of his and it runs deep.

‘You are someone who does not hesitate to resort to lies with an ease that is almost impressive.

‘When your truthfulness is challenged, you look for more lies to cover your tracks.’

The judge added: “There was absolutely no sign that you apologized to [Miss Sebastian] and there is little sign of remorse.”

What you did affected her mental health and you’ve never thought about her.

Dexter, who has a DUI conviction since 2014, looked down at his sobbing partner as he was tackled to the ground.

A hearing to determine how the money is returned has been set for April 7.

A court has heard that Dexter, from Southsea in Portsmouth, Hants, met Indian Miss Sebastian on Tinder in 2015 and posed as a businessman selling biopharmaceutical technology.

At Portsmouth Crown Court, prosecutor Robert Bryan said: “He claimed he was a successful businessman selling biopharmaceutical technology and said he had a £6.8m fortune and was involved in Hollywood studios. “.

“He alluded to his immense wealth and private jets, expensive cars, and said he had more interest in his investments than a doctor’s salary.”

Dexter was convicted by a jury at Portsmouth Crown Court

In a text message to Miss Sebastian, Dexter said: ‘Hey! I’m 32, most of my friends went to university and have debt and worries, and they all make £40,000 to £60,000. I bought a hot air balloon yesterday just because I could.

Miss Sebastian, who travels to the UK twice a year from Dubai, met Dexter in August 2015.

Over the course of 15 months, she made a series of payments, some of up to £68,000.

In late 2016, when her finances were in dire straits, Dexter convinced her to send him the last £5,500.

Miss Sebastian described him as “desperate” for money, adding: “Because he already had so much of my money, I felt trapped to keep it and felt the £5,500 was a small loan.”

But she said that she still perceived that “there was no risk”.

Later, when Miss Sebastian begged for her investments back, Dexter lied that he had “closed a deal with 3M for £3.6 million” and that Miss Sebastian was entitled to £1.8 million while he tried to keep her in his house. side.

Miss Sebastian “of course” received nothing in return, and Dexter gave her “excuses” and “guided” her.

Dexter’s home was raided by police in April 2018 after Miss Sebastian reported the fraud.

One businessman Dexter had contact with, Roy Maunder, said that he “was always trying to present himself as a successful businessman.”

Mr. Maunder said, “Their stories of him seemed fanciful…he was a liar but a nice character, he was charming.”

Dexter’s grandmother told the court that she regularly asked him to transfer £10 to her because ‘her card didn’t work’.

He claimed that Miss Sebastian

Dexter, who maintains he has ‘just over £200,000 in cryptocurrency assets’, has admitted to seven counts of fraud related to the £141,500 scam of Miss Sebastian.

He denied forging patent documents and perverting the course of justice in an attempt to “cheat” her alleged fraud, but was convicted by juries at trial.

John Lucas, defending himself, asked Judge Mousley QC for ‘mercy’ and not to jail Dexter because he is a ‘nice and very good father’.

He claimed that Miss Sebastian’s money was for “general daily living” and to cover debts.

Lucas added: “He was in debt, he had debts with close friends. He got into a mess and was investing Bitcoin without success.

‘This man will not offend again…he is charming and a good dresser…he is a well-bred young man who made a huge error in judgement.’

Richard Dexter Quick and Facts

  • Richard Dexter, 38, promised Amrita Sebastian he was on verge of ‘big windfall’
  • Ms Sebastian was convinced to hand over £141,000 believing it was investment
  • Dexter has been sentenced to four years and six months in jail for fraud
  • He will face a hearing next month to determine how much he must pay back 
  • Dexter previously pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud at crown court hearing

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