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Who is Romy Griffiths?(Mother-of-eight shares horrifying pictures of her son, 2, whose face was ripped to shreds) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Romy Griffiths

Romy Griffiths Wiki

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Who is Romy Griffiths ?

The truck tore down the wall, went through the pub  and pushed the bar against the far wall, trapping some of those inside behind the bar or under the truck. Five people born in the massacre.

The truck tore down the wall, went through the pub and pushed the bar against the far wall, trapping some of those inside behind the bar or under the truck.

Five people born in the butcher shop David Seng, 24, Adrian Durnin, 21, Helen Fuller, 22, Patricia Slinn, 45, and Leslie McKay-Ramsay, 35.

A spokesman for the attorney general, John Quigley, told the West Australian that he could only consider a parole recommendation for a life prisoner if the Prisoner Review Board recommended it.

Parole is a privilege, not a right. By becoming eligible for parole, an inmate is not automatically upgraded for a parole order,’ the spokesperson said.

The board reviews each case on its merits.


Romy’s father, Daniel Griffiths, 32, looked away for a second as the boy cried out in pain and turned to find him covered in blood, after a single bite tore through his nose.

The parents say the dog, who was his son’s “best friend,” had never been aggressive before, leaving them convinced the flying toy had startled him awake and pounced on the boy’s face in shock.

Police said the dog was seized under Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act, assessed for relocation and humanely destroyed.His mother, Jodie Griffiths , 35, was at work on December 27 when she received the heartbreaking call from her partner that her son had been badly bitten.

The two-year-old and his siblings had been playing in the living room with their new toy flying helicopters while Blizzard, the family’s eight-year-old dog , slept on the nearby couch.

Romy’s injuries

Romy, who has been left with scars on her face, has to have check-ups at the hospital as she grows older due to concerns that the number of stitches in her nose will prevent her from growing with him.

Doctors have warned that he may need another operation when he is four years old and additional surgery when he is a teenager to reshape his nose and nostrils to his growing face.

The mother now hopes to warn other parents about the risks of having a dog around children, after being forced to relocate the pet she thought she could trust with her children.

Jodie said: “Even looking at him now, I can’t believe he has to live with this scar, but he’s healing beautifully.”

“I want to raise awareness and I wouldn’t recommend anyone with children to get a dog because even if it’s an accident it can still happen.”

“People love their dogs and say ‘my dog ​​would never do that,’ but we used to say the same thing.”

After turning Blizzard over to police for relocation, the dog received a “thorough evaluation” and it was determined that he could not be relocated due to the nature of the incident, and was humanely euthanized.

Jodie, pictured with Romy, said: “Even looking at it now, I can’t believe I have to live with this scar, but it’s healing beautifully.”

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: “We were called at in Wolverhampton on 27th December 2021 to inform us that a child had been bitten by a dog.”

The two-year-old boy was taken to hospital and treated for serious injuries to his face.

The dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross, was seized under Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

‘Ownership of the dog was transferred to the police. After a thorough evaluation, it was established that the dog could never be relocated due to the violent act and they were humanely euthanized.

Romy Griffiths Quick and Facts

  • Romy Griffiths, two, was seriously bitten by eight-year-old family dog Blizzard
  • He was left with deep cuts across nose and face, fractured jaw and missing teeth
  • Jodie Griffiths, 35, shared images and said the dog had never been aggressive
  • She gave Blizzard to the police to be rehomed and it was humanely destroyed

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