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Who is Sasha Johnson ?(Sasha Johnson in bid to break ‘wall of silence’ over killing after case against four suspects collapsed) Wiki, Bio, Age, Attack, Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sasha Johnson

Sasha Johnson Wiki

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 Who is Sasha Johnson?

The mother-of-two survived her ‘catastrophic’ head injuries but needs 24-hour care, can barely speak, has limited mobility and is often in excruciating pain.

She was a founding member of the Taking The Initiative party and a leading figure in the Black Lives Matter.

Mrs Johnson, the self-proclaimed ‘Black Panther of Oxford’, was attacked while at a silent disco in the garden of a house on Consort Road in Peckham at around 3am. on May 23 of last year.movement in the summer of 2021.

Crimes toppers is offering £20,000 for information on the gunman who shot prominent British Black Lives Matter campaigner Sasha Johnson in the head at a party in London a year ago.

She was a founding member of the Taking The Initiative party and a leading figure in the Black Lives Matter movement in the summer of 2021.


A criminal case against four men accused of shooting Johnson collapsed in February. At the time, Prosecutor Mark Heywood QC told the Old Bailey that the prosecution could not go forward for reasons that could not be fully set out in open court.

Crimes toppers, an independent police charity, is now offering a “substantial” £20,000 reward for information provided anonymously.

Sasha Johnson participating in the Million People march in London, August 30, 2020

Mrs Johnson with anti-racist activists, community and school activists in a protest against police violence as they march towards Tottenham Police Station, on 11 December 2020

Sasha Johnson: The ‘Black Panther of Oxford’ who rose to fame during the 2020 BLM protests

Sasha Johnson played a leading role in BLM’s summer protests, including the Million People March, and rose to fame shortly before when videos showed her confronting a black man she was arguing with and repeatedly calling him the racial slur. ‘c**n’.

She is now a member of the executive committee of the new BLM-inspired party Taking the Initiative, in charge of activism.

She is also a representative of the Black Panther Party in the UK, modeled after a subset of far-left protesters who campaigned against police brutality in 1960s America.

Ms Johnson, an Oxford Brookes graduate, has campaigned for the statues to be removed and is part of the secret group Forever Family Force.

Pictures of her on Instagram show her parading with female members of the FFF in military-style garb during a march in Brixton earlier this year for African Emancipation Day.

Ms Johnson, a youth worker and cafe owner, has called for the establishment of a ‘black militia’ in the UK. In a video, she compared the police to the Ku Klux Klan and dismissed ethnic minority politicians David Lammy, Priti Patel and Sadiq Khan as ‘token’.

The mother-of-two also led chants of ‘fuck the police’ and ‘a solution, revolution’ in a new campaign to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes from Oxford University.

Alexa Loukas, London Regional Manager at the charity, said: ‘Sasha is loved by her family and friends and is an active advocate for people’s human rights. What she’s been through is absolutely horrible. Her life will never be the same again.

“We know that a lot of people who were there that night are her friends and supporters of hers. And yet, a wall of silence remains. Crimestoppers is here to give people the courage to speak out.’.

‘Since we started in the late 1980s, we have never revealed the identity of anyone who has contacted us. Protecting your identity is key to everything we do. We believe that there are people who want to do the right thing for Sasha, but going to the police is not an option.

Were you there that night or did you hear anything about what happened?

‘Moving forward is never easy, but if she reaches out to us, she can still do the right thing while remaining completely anonymous.

‘We never ask for personal data from her, nor do we take note of her perceived gender, age, accent or ethnicity.

“For phone calls, there is no display of the caller’s line, there is no 1471 facility and our charity has never traced a call. If she communicates with us online, encryption is used, so there is no way to identify the IP addresses of the computers.

‘Before this violent attack, Sasha was a powerful voice challenging injustice. By using your voice, you can help find justice for Sasha’.


Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Penney, who is leading the investigation, said: “Look at the family photos of Sasha, you are looking at a healthy young woman with children who are clearly devoted to her.”

“Now look at those photos of Sasha in the hospital and you will see a woman who needs constant medical attention and is in a lot of pain.

“Despite the most extensive police investigation, those who inflicted these serious injuries remain free and unpunished and that is not right.

“I am asking people to stop this injustice and tell Crimestoppers what you know. The charity will keep it completely anonymous and pass it on to us.

“Many people were at that party, including many of Sasha’s friends, but almost all of them have been reluctant to show up. I understand that people may be scared, but people should look into her conscience and do the right thing for Sasha, her family and her children.’

Quick facts

  • Crimes toppers are offering £20k for information about Sasha Johnson’s attacker
  • BLM activist Ms Johnson was shot in the dead at a London house party last year
  • She survived her injuries but has been left needing round the clock care
  • Criminal case against four suspects collapsed in February this year

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