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Who was Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu?(Horrifying story of evil child killer who raped and murdered an eight-year-old in a shopping centre toilet in a crime that shocked Australia) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu

Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu Wiki

                  Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu Biography

Who was  Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu?

A sadistic monster who raped an eight-year-old girl before strangling her in a mall bathroom will remain behind bars after the parole board refused to release him for the second time.

Dante Wyndham Arthurs was jailed for life for murdering Perth student Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu, a heinous crime that shocked Australia at the time.

Next month will mark 16 years since Arthurs, then 21, followed the girl into a bathroom at Livingston Marketplace, where he raped, beat and suffocated Sofia before fleeing.

Sofia’s teenage brother went to find out why she was taking so long and found her naked body, motionless, lying on the bathroom floor.

The State Prisoner Review Board decided to keep Arthurs behind bars for at least another three years when his 13-year non-parole period expired in 2019.

Causes of Death

The murder of Perth student Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu in 2006 shocked the nation

The board decided last week that Arthurs should remain locked up and will not review his parole again until 2025, The West Australian reported.

The reasons for the failure are confidential.

Attorney General John Quigley has not commented on the latest decision, but described Arthurs’ 2019 crime as “one of the most shocking and brutal crimes in recent times.”

Sofia went to the bathroom at Livingston Marketplace in the southern suburb of Canning Vale while her uncle and her brothers waited nearby.

As she was leaving the women’s restroom, Arthurs grabbed her from behind and dragged her into a cubicle where he raped, beat, suffocated and left her to die.

Sofia’s brother, then 14 years old, found her body when he went looking for her and why she was taking so long.


Many police officers and lawyers who worked on the investigation still regard the case as one of the most harrowing of their careers.

Child killer Dante Wyndham Arthurs will remain behind bars until at least June 2025

Sofia Rodrigez-Urrutia-Shu  was grabbed from behind and dragged into a cubicle where she was s*xually assaulted, beaten, and suffocated.

The heinous crime sparked outrage and resulted in homicide laws introduced in 2008 in Western Australia that give judges the power to send child killers to jail for the rest of their lives.

It is later revealed that Arthurs stalked at least 10 girls prior to Sofia’s murder.


He was accused of s*xually interfering with another eight-year-old girl in the same suburb three years before the Attorney General dropped the case for lack of evidence.

“If her killer had been convicted of his previous crimes, if her name had been added to a child s*x offender registry…Sofia could be alive today,” said a confrontational statement from Sofia’s family at the time. moment.

The family broke their silence on the tenth anniversary of Sofia’s death in 2016.

While they felt no anger or hatred, the family hoped that Arthurs would never get out of prison.

Early Life

Sofía Rodríguez-Urrutia Shu would have just celebrated her 24th birthday if she were still alive

“Since this guy is in jail, let’s hope that as long as possible, we get on with our own lives. I wouldn’t want to see him leave, I don’t think he makes a contribution to our society,’ Sofia’s father, Gabriel Rodriguez, told The Sunday Times in 2016.

We took it once and Sofia had to pay for that mistake. It’s something we need to make sure doesn’t happen again and in my opinion I don’t need to have anything to do with that person. All I want is for her not to come out and if I can help with that I will.

“What happened was just unimaginable, it was the worst luck I’ve ever had, but it could have happened to anyone. I think that’s why the community has felt so strongly,’

An annual scholarship is awarded in memory of Sofia at her former school Mater Christi Catholic Primary School in Yangebup


Arthurs s*xually assaulted the eight-year-old girl before strangling her to death in a bathroom at a Canning Vale shopping center

Several other convicted murderers will face the parole board in the coming months.

James Stapleton, who was sentenced to life in strict security for torturing 14-year-old Cleon Jackman to death in May 1999.

Now in his 60s, he tortured Cleon for up to five hours, beating him with a shovel before shoving toilet paper down his throat.

Stapleton then used a piece of wood to strangle the teen before burying her body in the brush.

His parole was reviewed last week and the board’s decision was deferred until later in the year.

Douglas Crabbe, who killed five people and injured 16 of his own when he deliberately crashed his truck into the Inland Hotel near Uluru in 1983, will review his parole in August.

Mate Perich was recently released from jail after 27 years behind bars for shooting the mother of his children, Danica, four times in 1995.

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