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Stuart Ramsay

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Who is Stuart Ramsay ?

The danger facing journalists covering the war in Ukraine was strikingly illustrated last night when Sky News published harrowing footage of their team under fire.

Chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay was hit by a bullet in the lower back while riding in a car carrying his team to Kiev on Monday.

Two rounds also hit cameraman Richie Mockler in his bulletproof vest during the ambush.

Footage shows bullets hitting the car and the crew screaming as glass shatters around them.


The attack is believed to have been carried out by a sabotaging Russian reconnaissance squad.

After a tense standoff, the team miraculously ran for their lives using a concrete wall for cover before finding shelter in a factory unit.

They were later rescued by the Ukrainian police.

The entire team, including Sky News’ Dominique van Heerden and Martin Vowles, are now safe and back in the UK.

The fifth member of the team, local producer Andrii Lytvynenko, is back with his family in Ukraine.


Recalling the incident, Mr Ramsay, who was not believed to be seriously injured, said: “The first round broke the windscreen. So we were under full attack.

‘Bullets cascaded all over the car… the steering wheel and dashboard had disintegrated. I remember wondering if my death was going to be painful.

It comes after Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries appeared near tears in the House of Commons this week as she paid tribute to journalists who “risked their lives to deliver unbiased and accurate news from a war zone in alive”.

Stuart Ramsay Quick and Facts

  • Two rounds also hit camera operator Richie Mockler in his body armour 
  • It is thought attack was carried out by saboteur Russian reconnaissance squad
  • The Sky team ran for their lives and were later rescued by Ukrainian police 

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