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Who is Targit Singh?(Transgender man Tarjit Singh who tricked women into s*xual relationships jailed for 10 years) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tarjit Singh

Tarjit Singh Wiki

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Who is Tarjit Singh ?

A traumatized victim of transgender predator Tarjit Singh has recounted how police turned a blind eye when she was “held prisoner” for over a year.

The terrified victim said she fell into the clutches of the controlling abuser after meeting on a dating site.

The woman, who is in her early 30s, ended up trapped in an abusive relationship with Singh, who was born Hannah Walters.

She was tricked into having s*x with Singh, who wore a specially made penile prosthesis and refused to undress in her bedroom.

Singh, 32, hid his true identity by lacing up his breasts while insisting that the s*x take place in the dark.

He eventually launched an investigation after a woman contacted the police while Singh continued to harass her.

She gave the names of five other women who had been attacked by Singh after discovering letters they had written to him.

Last week, Singh was convicted at Snaresbrook Crown Court of three counts of assault by penetration, six counts of assault causing actual bodily harm and one count of threatening to kill.

During their relationship, it was months before the victim found out the truth when she heard Singh’s father say “call her Hannah” and “he told me she was a girl”.

By this time, Singh had already taken control of the victim’s life and her revelation only infuriated her further.

Speaking of her ordeal, the woman told MailOnline: ‘I was forced to live with her. They didn’t let me leave her. ‘They didn’t let me leave the house. I was under her control for over a year. I didn’t go out. I wasn’t allowed to talk to friends or family.

“I had a cell phone but they wouldn’t let me control it. He had the phone all the time.

The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, recounted how the police were called at least five times before she finished her ordeal. But she every time she said that they did not take any action to force her to go back to her tormentor.

She said: ‘My mother reported me missing four times because she wasn’t allowed to speak to me and she didn’t know where she was. Once there was an incident where the police were called and they left me there.

The neighbors heard her hitting me. They threw me out the window because they were beating me. They called the police but they did nothing. They didn’t believe my story.

“The police did not take it seriously. They just thought it was normal abuse.”

The woman recounted how she met Singh through the Plenty of Fish dating website. She said her date was “very loving and very nice to begin with” and within weeks she moved into the house Walters shared with her father in Hackney, East London.

She quickly found herself trapped and unable to get out. When she was asked why she didn’t try to escape, she said: “All I can say is that it was fear, sheer fear.” The abuse began within a few weeks. They beat me up in the first few weeks, but by then I felt trapped.”

The woman recounted how a story in Hollyoaks about transgender issues helped her understand that Walters was lying and then she confirmed the truth after finding her birth certificate.

She said: ‘She was very convincing. She always wore boy’s clothes, jeans or sweatpants. Her breasts were tied up, so she didn’t seem to have any.

“I didn’t know she was a woman for months. She was mad before, but she was madder after I found out. She wouldn’t discuss it with me. She has never admitted to being born a woman.

“She claimed that she was born a man and became a woman, but then she wanted to be a man again.”

The woman recounted how she finally plucked up the courage to leave, but Singh took her “hostage” again after she returned to the house to collect her belongings.

She said: ‘I had taken a friend. She was waiting outside. I told her to give me 10 minutes and when nothing happened she called the police. The police finally opened the door. They came in and let me go.

Singh’s crime took place over six years between 2010 and 2016, but the *xual assaults on multiple women took place in the first four of those years.

He met his second victim at a chicken store and the third, who has learning disabilities, on the Plenty of Fish dating site. Two women had previously been s*xually abused.


The judge told Singh that he had been “aware that these women were vulnerable” and had misled them by “failing to truly reveal” that she was biologically born female.

Judge Oscar Del Fabbro told Singh he poses a “risk to the public of serious harm in the future” and described him as a “dangerous criminal” who had committed repeated acts of violence and assault against three “vulnerable” victims.

The victims lived with him and this was a “dangerous environment for them, riddled with violence” and the problems Singh caused them emotionally, the judge said.

He added that Singh had not been ‘open and honest’ with them about his gender issues and described him as ‘a consummate liar and manipulator’.

He said: “Instead of opening a frank and honest discussion about your gender and how you wanted to live your life, you chose a different path – you chose the path of deception.”

You convinced them that you were a man and you acted as if you were.

His troublesome victims, who included a girl who had just turned 16 and two women who had previously been s*xually abused, were likely misled by his charm, humor, and the fact that he seemed willing to lend them a ‘sympathetic ear, but nothing could. be further from the truth.

The judge praised the victims and their families for ‘reliving the trauma’ of the ‘exhausting’ events by providing evidence during the trial to ensure Singh faced justice.

The court previously heard that when the victims started asking questions, Singh became abusive and manipulative, telling one of them that there was more to a relationship than s*x and that she should learn to talk more about her feelings.

Singh told another victim that she was born a man, she had changed s*x to become a woman and now wanted to be a man again.

The third victim met Singh after receiving a message through the dating website Plenty of Fish in 2014.


The 16-year-old who had become involved with Singh had been s*xually abused before, she was separated from her family and needed a shoulder to cry on.

Her ‘naïveté was evident’, the judge said, and she was treated at the age of 17.

Singh left one of her victims with a broken nose and a cut on her head. They also doused her with lighter fluid and threatened to set her on fire.

The court heard that Singh has prior offenses including false imprisonment, perverting the course of justice, administering a noxious substance, having a Taser, being equipped, causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and assault resulting in actual bodily harm.

Targit Singh Quick and Facts

  • Targit Singh was called ‘controlling, violent and abusive’ by Judge Del Fabbro
  • He used a fake penis and flew into a rage when questioned by his abuse victims
  • Singh, 32, threatened to set one woman on fire and beat up and strangled her
  • Snaresbrook Crown Court heard he lured his first victim, 16, over Facebook

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