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Who is Trevor Bickford?(Times Square ‘jihadi’, 19, who stabbed rookie cop in head with a machete on New Year’s Eve)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Trevor Bickford

Trevor Bickford Wiki

            Trevor Bickford Biography

The suspected Islamic extremist who stabbed a rookie NYPD officer in the head with a machete in Times Square on New Year’s Eve has been photographed.

Trevor Bickford, 19, of Wells, Maine, is seen in unsuspecting photos shared by his mother on Facebook from his birthday this summer.

She refers to him as an “old soul” and tells him repeatedly how much she loves him after he left his house for Seattle in September.

His social media also reveals that his other son, Devin, is in the US military, with him pictured alongside the suspected jihadist in one shot.

It comes after Bickford allegedly stabbed two officers with a machete on 8th Avenue near Times Square around 10 p.m. m. last night.

Another officer shot him in the shoulder and he was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, along with the two police officers. They are all expected to survive.

The attack occurred just outside the high-security zone where thousands of revelers were being screened for weapons as they prepared to perform in 2023.

Trevor Bickford, 19, of Wells, Maine, allegedly approached a group of NYPD officers near Times Square on New Year’s Eve and stabbed two officers with a machete.

Bickford is pictured with his mother in a post he gushingly shared on Facebook about his son’s move to Seattle just two months ago.

Bickford allegedly slashed two officers with this machete on 8th Avenue near Times Square around 10 p.m. m. last night, where thousands of revelers were preparing to ring in the new year.

Both officers had cuts to their heads, including the rookie officer who suffered a fractured skull along with an 8-year veteran who sustained a head laceration.

At a recent news conference, Mayor Eric Adams said he had spoken to one of the officers injured while being stitched up at the hospital.

“He was in a good mood,” Adams said. “He understood that his role saved the lives of New Yorkers today.”

One of the wounded, Paul, had just graduated from the academy on Friday — he’s actually assigned to a compound on Staten Island — but was brought to Manhattan .


The attack was “without provocation,” Adams said at the news conference overnight. Both Sewell and Adams stressed that there is no “active threat” to the community. The festivities continued without interruption.

The cut took place just outside the security zone in Times Square, where thousands gathered for the annual New Year’s Eve launch. Police checked the revelers for contraband such as alcohol, large bags and weapons.

A police source told the Post: ‘There are no backpacks or umbrellas in Time Square. They forgot to mention the machetes.

Workers at a halal stall near the scene told the New York Daily News they heard what they thought were explosions or gunshots.

‘I heard the sounds only – Bang! Blow!’ Prodip Bisws explained. “People were running, oh my God, they were running.”


An investigation was underway to determine the motive for the attack, but authorities said they did not believe there was an ongoing threat to the public.

Michael Driscoll, the deputy director in charge of the FBI’s New York field office, said they believe the shooter acted alone.

Authorities told NBC NewYork that they are looking into whether the suspect had previously posted what they called jihadist writings online and then the possibility of traveling to New York City to attack police.

Bickford’s mother has a host of photos on her Facebook page where she gushes about the 19-year-old, calling him an “old soul” and saying she’s lucky to be her mother.

On July 28, she shared a photo of Bickford and wrote: ‘Happy 19th birthday Trevor. So proud and lucky to be able to call you my son. You are an old soul and you amaze me every day with all that you enjoy exploring and doing. I love that you’re not afraid to try new things, and you really are the best bro ever. I am beyond proud of the man you are becoming, I love you.’

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